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The IUGS Publications Committee looks after all aspects of the IUGS Publishing Program.

IUGS expects that the scientific activities funded by the Union will result in some form of publication and it has two principal avenues for such publications:

  • The quarterly journal Episodes, which carries peer-reviewed scientific articles, news and conference reports, and other contributions. The journal is currently published in India under an agreement with the Geological Society of India.
  • Books resulting from the work of IUGS bodies and from sessions held at International Geological Congresses. Since 2004 these books have been published under an agreement with the Geological Society of London.

Significant results of IUGS scientific work also appear regularly in a wide variety of disciplinary journals and books published by scholarly professional societies and for-profit enterprises.

From 1980 to 2001 IUGS produced its own numbered series of monographs. IUGS no longer prints, sells, or distributes monographic publications. A list of these volumes is maintained for historical purposes only.



Episodes Cover Episodes covers developments of regional and global importance in the Earth sciences and is distributed worldwide to scientists in more than 150 countries. Articles contributed to Episodes are of interest to a broad audience of professional scientists having diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Articles include current reviews, new results from research projects of more than local significance, and discussion of the infrastructure of science -- techniques, research programs, organizations, science policy, or technical assistance. It offers geoscientists:

  • authoritative articles that reflect worldwide research advances and evolving trends in geoscience disciplines;
  • a forum for information exchange within the global Earth science community;
  • news about activities sponsored by IUGS and its affiliates;
  • a comprehensive calendar of future international geoscience events and training opportunities; and
  • concise reports concerning results of international meetings, conferences, and symposia.

Episodes is listed or abstracted in Chemical Abstracts, Coal Abstracts, Energy Research Abstracts, Excerpta Medica, Geological Abstracts, Geoarchives, Georef, Petroleum Abstracts, Science Citation Index (SCI), Standard Periodical Directory, and Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory. An annual index is published in the first issue of each succeeding volume.

Prof. Dr. Jin-Yong LEE
Editor of Episodes 
Department of Geology
Kangwon National University
Chuncheon 24341

Back issues are available on line at  

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IUGS Books

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between IUGS and the Geological Society (London) that books arising from IUGS activities should be offered to the Society for publication. All Special Publications, Engineering Geology Special Publications and Memoirs published by the Geological Society since 2008 are indexed in the Web of Science in the Book Citation Index or the Conference Proceedings Citation Index.  They are also indexed in Scopus. Once 6 articles have been accepted, following review, and there are enough articles in the system to make a viable book, they are published online and others are published as soon as they are satisfactorily completed. Printing takes place when all have been published online. Therefore early authors are not delayed by the later ones.


The Geological Society

(published by the Geological Society of London)

Guidance for submission of book proposal

The Society has two series suitable for IUGS-related publications: Special Publications and Memoirs

Special Publications

Titles in this internationally acclaimed series are usually based around high-quality scientific meetings or multi-contributor scientific projects or programs. However, these volumes are not just proceedings volumes.

  • Consist of edited collections of papers
  • Based on primary science
  • Represent coherent and balanced collection of papers on a topical theme
  • Present results of latest research, with state of the art reviews of a subject

Production specifications for Special Publications are as follows:

  • Bindingcase bound
  • Trim size - 248x172mm
  • Paper type - smooth coated 90gsm
  • Maximum extent - 400 pages


Titles in this series are larger format and represent authoritative treatments of key Earth science subjects. The series is ideally suited to publishing the results of major research programs.

  • Results of major research projects or other definitive treatment (edited collections or single papers)
  • Based on primary science
  • Larger format to facilitate maps and sections

Production specifications for Memoirs are as follows:

  • Binding - case bound
  • Trim size - 310x230mm
  • Paper type - smooth coated 90gsm
  • Maximum extent - 400 pages

Occasional titles which do not fit into either of these series may be considered for one of our other series (e.g. Engineering Geology Special Publications), or for one-off publication.

How to submit a proposal to the Geological Society Publishing House:

  • Preparing the proposal
  • Factors that contribute to a successful proposal
  • Submitting the proposal

Preparing the proposal

The intending editor (or author) should submit their proposal to the Geological Society Publishing House at the earliest possible date. The following information is needed:

  1. Title
  2. Editors’ names and addresses (or authors if it is not an edited collection)
  3. Title of IUGS programme
  4. List of paper titles and authors (or chapters if it is not an edited collection)
  5. A brief description of the aims of the book.

You should format the list of papers to reflect the intended structure of the book. We understand that there may be some uncertainty about which papers will be submitted and accepted at this stage. You should indicate what introductory/synthesis chapters you intend to include. You should also indicate what steps would be taken to fill any gaps in order to produce a balanced volume.

Books can have more than one editor. The editor(s) will be responsible for liaison between the contributing authors and the Society.

The proposal will be subject to the Society’s normal investment appraisal procedures, which include internal and external scientific review. If the proposal is accepted, the editors will be expected to get the papers reviewed to the same standard as the Society’s journals. Online submission and review will be offered as an option.

Factors that contribute to a successful proposal:

  • editors who are well known, reliable and well respected in their field;
  • a significant number of well-known authors;
  • good coherent coverage of the subject matter;
  • ideally there should be 15–25 papers, but minimum 10 and maximum 30 (books over 400 pages will be expensive to produce and will therefore have high prices);
  • no papers that are marginal to the subject;
  • a good introductory review paper – this should introduce the subject, not just the papers in the book

Submitting your proposal

Your proposal should be submitted, preferably by e-mail, to Angharad Hills, Commissioning Editor:

Maggie Simmons 
Head of Editorial Development
The Geological Society Publishing House
Unit 7 Brassmill Enterprise Centre
Brassmill Lane

Books published by IUGS bodies or programs:




Geological Society Special Publication No. 414 (2015)
Magnetic Susceptibility Application
A.C. Da Silva et al. (Editors)


 Geological Society Special Publication No. 407 (2015)
Global Heritage Stone
D. Perreira et al. (Editors)

 Geological Society Special Publication No. 399 (2015)
Geodynamic Processes in the Andes of Central Chile and Argentina
S.A. Sepulveda et al. (Editors)

Geological Society Special Publication No. 402 (2014)
Gold-Transporting Hydrothermal Fluids in the Earth's Crust
P.S. Garofalo and J.R. Ridley (Editors)                                                      

Geological Society Memoir No. 38 (2014)
Early Palaeozoic Biogeography and Palaeogeography
D.A.T. Harper & T. Servais (Editors)
Geological Society Memoir No. 41 (2014)
Continental Shelves of the World: Their Evolution During the Last Glacio-Eustatic Cycle
F.L. Chiocci & A.R. Chivas (Editors)
Geological Society Memoir (2012)
Sustainable Development and Management of the Shallow Subsurface
E.F.J. De Mulder, H.R.G.K. Hack and C.C.D.F. Van Ree (Editors)
Geological Society Special Publication 365 (2012)
Palaeoproterozoic of India
R. Mazumder and D. Saha (Editors)
Geological Society Special Publication 352 (2011)
Human Interactions with the Geosphere
L. Wilson (Editor)
Geological Society Memoir No. 35 (2011)
Arctic Petroleum Geology
A.M. Spencer, A.F. Embry, D.L. Gautier, A.V. Stoupakova and K. Sorensen (Editors)
Geological Society Special Publication 350 (2011)
Granite-Related Ore Deposits
A.N. Sial, J.S. Bettencourt, C.P. De Campos and V.P. Ferreira (Editors)
Geological Society Memoir No. 36 (2011)
The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations
E. Arnaud, G.P. Halverson and G. Shields-Zhou (Editors)
Special Publication 344 (2010)
Fjord Systems and Archives
J.A. Howe, W.E.N. Austin, M. Forwick and M. Paetzel (Editors)
Special Publication 342 (2010)
Monsoon Evolution and Tectonics-Climate Linkage in Asia
P.D.Clift, R.Tada and H.Zheng (Editors)
Special Publication 334 (2010)
The Triassic Timescale
S.G. Lucas (Editor)
Special Publication 327

Special Publication 327 (2010)
Ancient Orogens and Modern Analogues
A.J.Hynes, J.D.Keppie and J.B.Murphy (Editors)

Special Publication 323

Special Publication 323 (2009)
Palaeoproterozoic Supercontinents and Global Evolution
A.S.Collins, D.A.D.Evans, R.Mazumder and S.M.Reddy (Editors)

Special Publication 314 Special Publication 314 (2009)
Devonian Change: Case Studies in Palaeogeography and Palaeoecology
P. Koenighshof (Editor)

Special Publication 310 Special Publication 310 (2009)
Geology and Religion: A History of Harmony and Hostility
M. Kolbl-Ebert (Editor)

Geological Society Special Publication 305 (2008)
Communicating Environmental Geoscience
D.G.E. Liverman, C.P.G. Pereira and B. Marker (Editors)
Special Publication 301 Special Publication 301 (2008)
History of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology
R.H. Grapes, D.R. Oldroyd and A. Grigelis (Editors)

Special Publication 297 Special Publication 297 (2008)
The Boundaries of the West African Craton
N. Ennih and J-P. Liegeois (Editors)

Special Publication 278 Special Publication 278 (2007)
Devonian Events and Correlations
R.T. Becker and W.T. Kirchgasser (Editors)

Special Publication 286 Special Publication 286 (2007)
The Rise and Fall of the Ediacaran Biota
P. Vickers-Rich and P. Komarower (Editors)

Special Publication 287 Special Publication 287 (2007)
Four Centuries of Geological Travel: The Search for Knowledge on Foot, Bicycle, Sledge and Camel
P. Wyse Jackson (Editor)

Books published from International Geological Congress Sessions by the Geological Society of London:

Special Publication 288 Special Publication 288 (2008)
Climate Change and Groundwater
W. Dragoni and B. S. Sukhija (Editors)

Special Publication 285 Special Publication 285 (2007)
Evaporites Through Space and Time
B. C. Schreiber, S. Lugli and M. Ba¸Bel (Editors)

Special Publication 276 Special Publication 276 (2007)
Economic and Palaeoceanographic Significance of Contourite Deposits
A. R. Viana and M. Rebesco (Editors)

Special Publication 273 Special Publication 273 (2007)
Myth and Geology
L. Piccardi and W. B. Masse (Editors)

Special Publication 266 Special Publication 266 (2006)
Function of Soils for Human Societies and the Environment
E. Frossard, W. E. H. Blum and B. P. Warkentin (Editors)

Special Publication 265 Special Publication 265 (2006)
Non-Marine Permian Biostratigraphy and Biochronology
S. G. Lucas, G. Cassinis and J. W. Schneider (Editors)

Special Publication 264 Special Publication 264 (2006)
Compositional Data Analysis in the Geosciences: From Theory to Practice
A. Buccianti, G. Mateu-Figueras and V.Pawlowsky-Glahn (Editors)

Special Publication 262 Special Publication 262 (2006)
Tectonics of the Western Mediterranean and North Africa
G. Moratti and A. Chalouan (Editors)

Special Publication 261 Special Publication 261 (2006)
Fractal Analysis for Natural Hazards
G. Cello and B. D. Malamud (Editors)

Special Publication 257 Special Publication 257 (2006)
Geomaterials in Cultural Heritage
M. Maggetti and B. Messiga (Editors)

Special Publication 255 Special Publication 255 (2006)
Cool-Water Carbonates: Depositional Systems and Palaeoenvironmental Controls.
H.M. Pedley and G. Carannante (Editors)