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Classical fossil localities in the Oslo area

Field guide (PDF 11.89 Mb)

David Bruton (
d.l.bruton@nhm.uio.no), J. Fredrik Bockelie, University of Oslo
Start/end: Oslo/Oslo, Norway
Time: 10 August
Duration: 1 day
Max number of participants: 20
Price pr participant: €70

This is a one day, mid-congress excursion to a selection of classical fossil localities in and around Oslo. Time will be allowed to discuss occurrence, preservation, sedimentation, palaeoecology and stratigraphy. The excursion will be carried out using a mini bus to and from the following localities:

Huk Bygdøy (Ideal vantage point for pointing out the general geology of the Oslo area and to see the Arenig-Llanvirn boundary in a shale/limestone succession.

Kavløen, Bærum (Upper Ordovician sedimentary succession with channel infills of exotic blocks containing corals, brachiopods and algae from underlying beds in the immediate neighbourhood.

Holmensjæret, Asker (Upper Ordovician rocks containing similar fossils seen in the exotic blocks at Kalvøen)

Cambrian -Ordovician boundary section, Nærsnes
Cambrian -Ordovician boundary section, Nærsnes

Spirodden, Asker (Classical Silurian locality described by Professor Kiær ("Das Obersilur---) with excellent coral and brachiopod assembleges in situ.

Vollen, Asker Excellent flat-lying section of classical Middle Ordovician fossiliferous limestone and shales. Paleoecology and discussion of origin of nodular limestones.  Classic bentonite with North American connections.

Bjerkåsholmen, Asker Tremadoc-Arenig limestones and shales with excellent graptolites in large number.  Good collecting spot.

Slemmestad, Røyken Unconformity Middle Cambrian on underlying basement with basal conglomerate.  Classical Brøgger locality for agnostid trilobites.

Nærsnes, Røyken Once a high potential international Cambrian/Ordovician boundary reference section with fossiliferous Cambrian/Ordovician alum shale.

Middle Cambrian shales with limestone at base on underlying Pre-Cambriangranitic basement, Slemmestad
Middle Cambrian shales with limestone at base
on underlying Pre-Cambriangranitic basement, 

 Favosites corals in Silurian limestones at Spirodden, Asker
Favosites corals in Silurian limestones at Spirodden, Asker
 Bentonite bed in the Caradoc Arnestad Formation (Zone of Diplograptus multidens)
 Bentonite bed in the Caradoc Arnestad Formation (Zone of  Diplograptus multidens)

Excursion no. 104
Oslo, Norway
TIME: 10 August
Fully booked