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Tana Sandbars  Photo: Geoff Corner

Raised beaches, falling-stage deltas, river terraces and postglacial fjord-valley fill, arctic Norway

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Leaders: Geoff Corner (University of Tromsø) and Raymond Eilertsen (Norwegian Geological Survey)

Description: The coast and fjord district of arctic Norway is a classic area for the study of postglacial raised shorelines. The main valleys are also natural sedimentological laboratories where the depositional geometry and facies of tidally influenced, steep-faced deltas, braided rivers and other valley-fill sediments can be studied in raised terrace sections and compared with modern analogues. This excursion will visit inner and outer coastal areas of Varanger and the lower Tana valley, where deglacial, postglacial and modern, raised shorelines and deltas are exceptionally well-preserved and easily accessible. The history of postglacial sea-level change, delta progradation, fjord-valley-filling and river terrace development is also well-documented through various morphological, sedimentological and geophysical studies. The excursion should appeal both to sedimentologists interested in clastic depositional processes and facies, and to Quaternary geologists interested in postglacial sea-level change. The area has a strong arctic flavour and outstanding natural beauty.

Excursion no. 40
START/END: Kirkenes/
Kirkenes, Norway
DURATION: 4 days
TIME: 1 - 4 August
Fully booked