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Caledonian Ophiolite Complexes

Leaders: Rolf B. Pedersen (University of Bergen) & Tor Grenne (Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim)

Purpose: This field trip will give an overview of the magmatic, hydrothermal and tectonic evolution and architecture of Caledonian ophiolite complexes. The excursion will start in the southwestern coastal part of Norway where the Karmøy ophiolite and associated granitic batholiths and arc sequences will be visited. The trip will then proceed to Middle Norway with traverses across the well-exposed layered ultramafic and mantle sections of the Leka ophiolite, before we go to the Trondheim region to study sulphides and associated hydrothermal deposits in the Løkken Ophiolite Complex. The field trip will end in Trondheim with a guided geo-archaeological tour to ancient soapstone quarries and to the medieval Nidaros Cathedral - which was constructed mainly from soapstone and chlorite schist derived from ophiolite complexes in the area.

The coverage will be general with an emphasis on tectono-magmatic evolution, magmatic petrology, structural and hydrothermal geology, and some geo-archaeology. The excursion will bring the participants through some of the most scenic fjord lands and coastal areas of Western and Middle Norway, and it will be designed to attract geoscientists with an interest in the architecture and evolution of oceanic lithosphere and orogenic belts.

Excursion no. 30
START/END: Bergen/
Trondheim, Norway
DURATION: 7 days
TIME: 15 - 21 August
Price pr participant paid on registration EUR 1200 Additional for lunch and dinner from pocket during excursion, approx: €200