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Industrial mineral producers in Norway

Leaders: prof. Terje Malvik, Department of Rock and Mineral Engineering, NTNU, e-mail: terje.malvik@ntnu.no Dr.ing Kari Moen, Norwegian Crystallite, e-mail: kari.moen@ntnu.no

Start: Ålesund, Vigra Airport 1. August 10 o´clock am. Ålesund is easily reached by morning flight from Oslo (SAS-Braathen). Homepage: www.sasbraathen.no

End: Brønnøysund 5. August 3 o´clock pm. Return to Oslo may be by air (Widerøe). Home page www.wideroe.no, or by Coastal Express to Trondheim and train or plane to Oslo. The Coastal Express leaves from Brønnøysund at 5 pm every day and arrives in Trondheim early the following morning.

Introduction and Purpose: Norway is a leading producer of important industrial minerals. Among these are olivine and
carbonates. In this excursion the participants will visit the world leading producer of olivine (North Cape Minerals at Åheim) as well as the process plant of the world leading producer of carbonate slurry coating for paper (Hustadmarmor at Elnesvågen). In addition a visit will be paid to one of the largest carbonate deposits in Europe (Tromsdalen limestone in Verdalen) which now is being planned for a strong increase in the production. Finally a visit to the large carbonate deposits in the Brønnøy area from where Hustadmarmor is getting its mined raw materials.

Bus transport is used for the whole excursion. No field equipment is needed. Ordinary boots are however recommended as well as clothing suited for the possibility of rain during visits in the mines or for stops at tourist places along the route.
Normally the companies will serve with special clothing if needed due to security reasons. Overnight lodging will be at hotels with a reasonably high standard.

Price: 1.800 Euro. The price covers all cost from Ålesund August 1st to Brønnøysund

August 5th: The travel to Ålesund and the travel back to Oslo from Brønnøysund must be covered by each participant in addition. Cheap air tickets are available if ordered in due time.

Excursion no. 37
START/END: Ålesund, Norway/
Brønnøysund, Norway
DURATION: 5 days
TIME: 1 - 5 August