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Metallogeny and tectonic evolution of the Northern Fennoscandian Shield

Field guide (PDF 8.06 Mb)

The excursion will be held after the IGC 2008 from Friday 15 August to Thursday 21 August 2008.

Leaders: Tuomo Törmänen (Geological Survey of Finland, tuomo.tormanen@gtk.fi), Stefan Bergman (Geological Survey of Sweden, stefan.bergman@sgu.se), Pasi Eilu (Geological Survey of Finland, pasi.eilu@gtk.fi), Markku Iljina (Geological Survey of Finland, markku.iljina@gtk.fi), Olof Martinsson (Luleå University of Technology, olof.martinsson@ltu.se), Roger Nordin(Boliden Mineral AB, roger.nordin@boliden.com), juhani.ojala@gtk.fi), Pär Weihed (Luleå University of Technology, par.weihed@ltu.se)

Number of participants: Max 30 (full bus), Min 15

Excursion no. 15
START/END: Rovaniemi/
Rovaniemi Finland
DURATION: 6 days
TIME: 15 - 21 August
Fully booked