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Lapland Granulite Belt (LGB) and 1.9 Ga assembling of the Northeastern Fennoscandian (Baltic) Shield

Leader: Dr Pekka Tuisku, Department of Geosciences, University of Oulu

Purpose: The workshop should cover the interdisciplinary research on the 1.9 Ga assembling of the NE part of the Shield. The themes would be (a) metamorphic geology of the belt and surrounding areas and PT evolution, (b) structural data based on geological mapping, low altitude airborne data and FIRE-project reflection seismic survey, (c) geochronology and; (d) arc magmatism of the belt. All the themes, with interconnectivity of different geological and geophysical research methods and their results, can be demonstrated on outcrops. Further data may be presented in the evening sessions. An interesting detail could be the Lapland Gold rushes during 19th century and in the beginning of 20th century and present day gold panning/mining.

The LGB is thought to represent the collision zone between the Kola Craton in the NE and Karelia Craton in the SW. The collision led to assembling of the NE part of the Shield simultaneously with the evolution of the Svecofennian arc complexes and their assembling in the SW part of the shield. The provenance, and the lifetime of the sedimentary basins and arc magmatism, as well as the age of collision and metamorphism, which all culminated in the formation of the belt, have now been studied thoroughly. Seismic reflection studies and airborne data provide further crustal scale structural data in addition to what is seen in the surface. In the Hoffman correlation, the LGB is thought to present possible continuation of the Naqssugtoqidian orogen in Greenland and related orogens in Canada. Different aspects of the Hoffman correlation could be discussed during the field workshop.

Excursion no. 20
Oulu, Finland
DURATION: 4 days
TIME: Post-Congress
Price pr participant not confirmed, will be in the order of: €800