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Surface of the Boda Cave   Photo: Mörner, 2003

Paleoseismicity and Uplift of Sweden

Field guide (PDF 9.21 Mb)

Leader and co-leaders:
Nils-Axel Mörner is the organizer and main leader. He can be reached via e-mail:
morner@pog.nu - Rabbe Sjöberg, Franck Audemard and Sue Dawson are co-leaders.

Paleoseismicity and Uplift of Sweden: The Fennoscandian Uplift is a classical issue in geosciences. It will be demonstrated in the field by following different shorelines from the centre to the periphery of uplift (e.g. the 9300 C14 years BP shoreline at +294 m at Skuleberget, +80 m at Stockholm, +0 at Varberg and -22 m at Båstad). The "postglacial transgression" will be shown by coring at +45 m in Åker and +18 m in the Viskan Valley. The interaction among sea level changes and changes in climate will be discussed and shown in stratal records.

The deglacial high seismicity is a new concept predominantly laid down by studies in Sweden. At present we have a catalogue of 58 high-magnitude events, all recorded by multiple criteria such as faults, fractures, bedrock caves, slides and rock-falls, liquefaction structures, tsunami layers and turbidites. The recording of liquefaction and its dating via the Swedish Varve Chronology play a fundamental part in these studies. 16 events generated tsunami waves, some of them with waves at least 20 m high. We intend to investigate paleoseismic sites from Umeå in the north to Båstad in the south. Much attention will be paid on outcrops and trenches exposing liquefaction structures, and on the methodology of paleoseismological investigation (including new magnetic methods).

The country of Sweden has much to offer regarding culture and scenic views. The excursion will provide a deep insight into this, too.

The excursion has recently been divided into two parts; one (A) before the congress, and the other (B) after the congress.

Excursion no. 11
START/END: (A) Umeå/Stockholm/
(B) Stockholm/Båstad
DURATION: (A) 5 and (B) 4 days
TIME: A) 30 July – 5 August B) 15 August - 19 August
Fully booked