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Mt. Pelion  Photo: Michael Larsen

Jameson Land East Greenland, a petroleum geology analogue for the Arctic and Norwegian continental shelf

Pre-IGC excursion, July 28 - August 5/6th 2008

Leaders: Michael Larsen (micla@dongenergy.dk) Dong Energy, Denmark.

The petroleum geology excursion is sponsored by DONG Energy. Logistic platform coordinated by POLOG and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

Purpose: The Upper Palaeozoic - Mesozoic succession of the East Greenland rift basin is a classic analogue for the oil-bearing strata of the North Sea and Norwegian Shelf, and provides important data for new challenges in North Atlantic exploration. The Mesozoic rift basins of Greenland and Norway were thus closely related prior to Palaeogene break-up in the North Atlantic and long distance correlation between formations on the Norwegian shelf and East Greenland are possible. The area also forms a key data point for petroleum assessment in the North Atlantic Arctic shelf offshore North-East Greenland.

  • The Lower Jurassic Neill Klinter Group provides a one-one correlation with to the Tilje, Ror and Ile Formations on the Halten Terrace of the mid-Norwegian shelf.
  • The Pelion Formation forms an important analogue to the Garn Formation on the Norwegian shelf. The backstepping pattern of the Pelion-Fossilbjerget couplet has also been recognised in the Brent Group of the northern North Sea suggesting regional tectonic control on depositional systems.
  • The Hareelv Formation is an important analogue for the Magnus Field of the northern North Sea
Excursion no. 3
Oslo, Norway
DURATION: 8 days
TIME: 28 July - 5/6 August