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Fossil Art - a spectacular exhibition

The Fossil Art in the congress hall is an exhibition by Dr. A. Seilacher. Exhibitions showing natural patterns and structures from an artist's point of view are not uncommon, but in this novel and wonderful compilation Dr. Seilacher has broken new ground in the presentation of fossil art both aesthetically and intellectually. While previous examples of art have used the specimens themselves as objects of beauty, Dr. Seilachers artworks represent the activities and behaviours of organisms - burrows, traces, tracks and trails - rather than their overt anatomies.
– Thus we see that organic effort can be as beautiful as organic form, Dr A. Seilacher says.

A new book finished March 2008,.Fossil Art, could be used as an exhibition catalogue as it shows all the fossils on display with full-page colour photos. It also contains a number of drawings by the author detailing how the exhibited patterns have been made and preserved. Each photograph and drawing is accompanied by a scientific explanation by Dr. Seilacher, who has attributed an artistic name to each panel.

- The exhibition is brought to 33 IGC thanks to sponsorships from StatoilHydro and
Oljedirektoratet (NPD). We are grateful for these generous contributions, without which it would have been impossible to bring the exhibition from Solec-Kujawski in Poland to Norway and back to Krakow in Poland, where it is touring this year, Dr A. Seilacher says.

Dr A. Seilacher's fossil art

 Dr. A. Seilacher with his fossil art.

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