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Field guides

No. 5. The geology of Iceland (PDF 12.99 Mb)

No. 6. The volcanic and sedimentary evolution of the Palaeogene Faroe Islands Basalt Group (PDF 6.28)

No. 7. The oceanic glaciation of the Faroe Islands (1.66 Mb)

No. 9. Mesozoic geology of Southern Scandinavia (PDF 914 kb)

No. 10. Palaeozoic impact craters (PDF 6.08 Mb)

No. 11. Paleoseismicity and uplift of Sweden (PDF 9.21 Mb)

No. 12. Paleoproterozoic volcanic- and limestone-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag-(Cu-Au) massive sulphide deposits and Fe oxide deposits in Bergslagen, Sweden (PDF 11.32 Mb)

No. 15. Metallogeny and tectonic evolution of the Northern Fennoscandian Shield (PDF 8.06 Mb)

No. 16. 100 years of migmatite - In Sederholm’s footprints (PDF 1.24 Mb)

No. 18. Karelian Craton transect: Greenstone belts, ophiolites and eclogites (PDF 21.22 Mb)

No. 25 (a). The Palaeozoic geology of the Oslo Region - outer Oslo Fjord (PDF 4.73 Mb)

No. 25 (b). The Palaeozoic geology of the Oslo Region - inner Oslo Fjord (PDF 4.13 Mb)

No. 26. Magma Geopark - the Rogaland Anorthosite province (PDF 1.64 Mb) 

No. 28. Structural geology and tectonic evolution of the Sognefjord transect, Caledonian Orogen (PDF 17.28 Mb)

No. 29. Caledonian infrastructure in the fjord-region of Western Norway (PDF 10.2 Mb)

No. 31 UNESCO fjords - from Nærøyfjord to Geirangerfjord (PDF 18.06)

No. 35. Pre-Scandian tectonic and magmatic evolution of the Helgeland Nappe Complex, Uppermost Allochthon (PDF 8.44 Mb)

No. 37. Industrial mineral producers in Norway (PDF 326 kb)

No. 38. Proterozoic igneous and metamorphic rocks - Lofoten-Vesterålen, North Norway (PDF 8.39 Mb)

No. 40. Raised beaches, falling-stage deltas, river terraces and postglacial fjord-valley fill, arctic Norway (PDF 21.29 Mb)

No. 44. Svalbard (Spitsbergen) round trip (PDF 16.9 Mb)

No. 46. The Late Pleistocene interglacial, late glacial landforms and Holocene neotectonics of the Kola Peninsula (PDF 5.89 Mb)

No. 47. Khibina and Lovozero alkaline massifs: geology and unique mineralization (PDF 3.86 Mb)

No. 48. The Cu-Ni-PGE and Cr deposits of the Monchegorsk area, Kola Peninsula (PDF 3.65 Mb) 

No. 51. The Sveconorwegian Orogen of southern Scandinavia (PDF 14.73 Mb)

No. 52. Geology, radiological age, and metallogeny of greenstone complexes in the Ukrainian Shield (PDF 8.01 Mb)

No. 56. Bjørnøya, an Upper Paleozoic-Triassic window into the Barents Shelf (PDF 15.41 Mb)

No. 101. Neoproterozoic Moelv Tillite and the Hedmark Basin, the Mjøsa area (PDF 6.52 Mb)

No. 102. Gardnos Impact Structure (PDF 3.08 Mb)

No. 104. Classical fossil localities in the Oslo area (PDF 11.89 Mb)