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Geoscience World Congress 2008

"Earth System Science: Foundation for Sustainable Development"

                                                    Overall Plan

c. 25 July - 5 August

Pre-Congress Excursions
(length variable)

Wednesday 6 August

Registration (08:00-21:00,
and on all subsequent days)
Symposia (afternoon only)
Congress Opening Ceremony (18:00)
Icebreaker (19:30-21:00)

Thursday 7 August
Friday 8 August
Saturday 9 August

Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Exhibitions, Oslo-area Excursions

Sunday 10 August

Excursions, Business meetings, Workshops, Short Courses

Monday 11 August
Tuesday 12 August
Wednesday 13 August

Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Exhibitions, Oslo-area Excursions

Thursday 14 August

Symposia, Exhibitions (morning only),
Plenary Lecture
Congress Closing Ceremony (13:30)
Preparation for Post-Congress Excursions (14:00)
Departure (15:00)

15 - c. 24 August

Post-Congress Excursions
(length variable)

Please note that exact times may change. Business meetings, workshops, and short courses may also be held on dates other than 10 August, if necessary.

The Congress programme will be dominated by Symposia, but there will be room for short courses, workshops, one-day excursions, and business meetings throughout and immediately before the Congress. A wide-ranging social programme is being arranged. The Congress itself will run from 6-14 August and be divided into two parts, separated by Sunday 10 August, when there will be no symposia.


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