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Wednesday, 6th August

Global Geology

The importance of Earth Science to address global challenges increases, and new organisations have been established. The International Year of Planet Earth and OneGeology are examples of such organisations, which are working for dissemination of information and for the increased visibility of Earth Science. Traditionally we think about the UN and its organisations as the most important bodies for this. There is, however, an increasing commercial marked for geoscientific knowledge through internet based companies, such as Google and others.

15:30-16:00    Global Geology: Introspection and perspectives
                      Eduardo de Mulder
                      International Year of Planet Earth, IYPE (The Netherlands)

16:00-16:30:    Formal launch of the OneGeology Project.

                       A 21st  Century map to change the world?
                       Simon Winchester (UK)

                       Local knowledge, globally accessible
                       Ian Jackson
British Geological Survey, BGS (UK)

Global Geology