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Monday, 11 August 2008

Water, Human health and the Environment
Coordinator: Olle Selinus, Geological Survey of Sweden (Sweden)

People's lives and livelihoods depend on water. Demand for clean water increases continually in line with world population growth. People in many areas of the world lack the fresh, drinkable water essential to their survival; if they are to prosper, more secure and low cost water supplies are needed. Maintaining secure water supplies for drinking, industry and agriculture would be impossible without groundwater, the largest and most reliable of all fresh­water resources. In many areas most drinking water is groundwater - up to 80 % in Europe and Russia, and even more in North Africa and the Middle East.

Geoscience program

08:30              Introduction
                      Olle Selinus
08:30-09:00    Groundwater - principles and perspectives
                      Bo Olofsson 
                      Swedish Royal University of Technology, KTH (Sweden)

09:00-09:30    Cultural evolution and water-borne exposure pathways
                      Philip Weinstein
                      School of Population Health, University of Western Australia (Australia) 

09:30-10:00    Arsenic and medical geology: A role for the earth scientist in 
                      the assessment and prevention of health risk

                      Jose Centeno 
                      Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, (USA)

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-11:00    Fluorine - water, rock, human interactions - a global overview
                      Mike Edmunds 
                      Oxford University Centre for Water Research (UK)

11:00-11:30    Radon and health risks of radon in groundwater
                      Don Appleton, Jon Miles, 
                      BGS and UK Health Protection Agency, HPA (UK)

11:30-12:00    Natural organic pollutants in groundwater: Potential health implications
                      Robert B Finkelman, William H Orem
                      University of Texas, Dallas (USA)

12:00-13:00    Lunch

StatoilHydro lecture

13:00-14:00    A changing World: Will there be enough 
                      water for all, including the ecosystems?

                      Ghislain de Marsily
                      University Paris VI (France)

Societal program
14:00-14:30    Climate change adaptation and water - examples of facing 
  multiple challenges from sea level rise to water scarcity from a planning 

                      Philippe Schmidt-Thome
                      Geological Survey of Finland (Finland)

14:30-15:00    Risk management of groundwater contamination in the context 
                      of water safety plans

                      Roisin Monica Rooney, Roger Aertgeerts
                      World Health Organisation, WHO, Regional Office for Europe, Rome (Italy)

15:00-15:30    Why is groundwater neglected in water management discussions?
                      Anders Berntell
                      Stockholm Internat Water Institute SIWI (Sweden) 

15:30-16:00    Ethiopian groundwater resource management
                      Asfaw Dingamo
                      Ethiopia's minister for water resources (Ethiopia

16:00-17:00    Panel debate

17:00              One-to-one press briefing

Water health and environment