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Timing, Logistics and Transport: This 4 days excursion starts in Bergen in the afternoon at August 14th and ends in the evening of August 17th in the city of Bergen. When booking far ahead both SAS (www.SAS.no) and Norwegian (www.norwegian.no) give low cost airfares. To get a lower price you may also include the flight from Oslo to Bergen as a part of your total journey for the conference.

From Bergen we will travel northwards Western Norway by bus, visiting Osa, Voss, Sogndal, and Førde. At the end of day four we return to Bergen by boat from Askvoll.

Accommodation, and Meals: 3 overnight stays are planned, in Bergen, Stalheim and Førde. An extra overnight stay in Bergen after the return there on August 17th can be arranged. Most of the meals will be served in hotels and restaurants along the route.