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Practical information: The excursion is ship based, we stay and have meals on-board and are landing by rubber boats for the localities which are mostly coastal cliffs. Inland exposures include; Permian sandstones and limestones and the clastic Triassic succession forming the top of the mountain at 536 meter above sea level.

Time, safety and cost: The excursion starts in Tromsø Friday 15 August mid day. Planned return to Tromsø Friday evening 22, August.

The planned cost is EUR 3200, everything included from leaving Tromsø to returning Tromsø. A guidebook will soon be available on this site.

Survival suits will be used for rubber boat operations. Guns for polar bear protection (but they are unlikely to visit Bjørnøya during summer), radios and safety equipment for contact with ship and authorities are included.

The excursion will be organised and guided by Dr. Atle Mørk, SINTEF Petroleum Research, Trondheim. He has visited Bjørnøya repeatedly the last decades and has also led many geological excursions to the island

  A view of Landnørdingsvika. The red exposures in the foreground cliffs and the
 120m high cliff partly covered by cloud belong to the Landnørdingsvika Fm. Lake  
 Ellasjøen, surrounded by exposures of the fluvial Norkapp Fm sandstones, is
 central in the photo. The farthest point consists of shallow marine limestones of
 the Kapp Kåre Fm (Photo: H.A. Nakrem)