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Scientific Outline and General Schedule:

Day 0 (August 15, Friday): Arrival at Kandalaksha, accommodation in a hotel for 4 days. An evening presentation on geology of the Belomorian Province (provided time is available).

Day 1. (August 16): The classic Belomorian rocks (Kovda-Knyazhaya area). The 2.90-2.85 Ga Chupa paragneiss sequence, 2.78-2.70 Ga TTG granitoids, the c. 2.45 Ga coronitic gabbros (drusites; rift-related), 2.41 Ga potassium granites. Rift-related metamorphism.

Day 2. (August 17): The core of the Lapland-Kola orogen (Umba area). The 2.47 Ga Kandalaksha amphibolites (rift-related), the c. 2.0 Ga Umba paragranulites (island-arc protoliths) with 1.91 Ga leucosome (collisional), the 1.94 Ga Umba diorites and enderbites (island-arc), the 1.91 Ga Umba charnockites (collisional), the c. 1.90 Ga porphyritic granites (post-collisional).

Day 3. (August 18): The Central Belomorian greenstone belt (Seryak fragment). Mesoarchaean mafic-ultramafic rocks showing petrological and geochemical features similar to those of Phanerozoic ophiolite complexes.

Day 4. (August 19): The of the Lapland-Kola orogen core (Salma area). The Salma eclogites (2.88-2.72 Ga). Shearing of Neoarchaean rocks. Leaving for Apatity. Accommodation in a hotel for 3 days.

Day 5. (August 20): The core of the Lapland-Kola orogen (Voche-Lambina area). 2.81 Ga TTG granitoids, the c 2.7 Ga Voche-Lambina greenstone belt (with basal conglomerates that contains clasts of 2.81 Ga TTG granitoids), c. 2.5 Ga mafic intrusions and dykes (rift-related), c. 2.4 Ga extensional shearing, 1.90 Ga migmatisation and shearing (late-collisional).

Day 6. (August 21): The Neoarchaean Olenegorsk greenstone belt (2.8-2.7 Ga) containing commercial banded iron formations (Pecha Guba fragment). Structural and deformational features of the Pecha Guba iron ore deposit.

Day 7. (August 22): The Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic boundary in the western Imandra-Varzuga riftogenic belt (Rizh-Guba area). The classic rocks of the Kola Province (Polnek Tundra area and Murmansk). 2.9 Ga Kola paragneiss sequence (paragneisses), c. 2.7 Ga enderbites, their Neoarchaean deformational and metamorphic reworking, c. 2.5 potassium granites. Leaving for Murmansk. Accommodation in a hotel for 2 days.

Day 8. (August 23): The Mesoarchaean Kolmozero-Voron'ya greenstone belt (Ura Guba fragment). 2.8 Ga komatiites (spectacular spinifex textures), komatiitic lava breccias, garnet and staurolite-bearing metasedimentary rocks, banded iron formations, conglomerates.

Day 9. (August 24, Sunday): Bus to the airport of Murmansk.