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Västergötland itinerary:

Day 1. Transport from Oslo to Kinnekulle. On the way, stop at the GSSP for the Floian Stage (Lower Ordovician) Ordovician GSSP on Hunneberg, Västergötland. Overnight at Kinnekulle.

Day 2: Kinnekulle from base to top (Precambrian to lower Silurian):
Stop 1, Råbäckshamn: the Precambrian peneplane and the basal Cambrian conglomerate, the lower Cambrian Mickwitzia and Lingulid Sandstones.
Stop 2, Kakeled: middle and upper Cambrian alumshale.
Stop 3, Hällekis and Thorsberg quarries: Ordovician Orthoceratite Limestone with fossil meteorites.
Stop 4, Skidbacken: Upper Ordovician bentonit and shale, Ordovician/Silurian boundary.
Stop 5, Högkullen: Lower Silurian shale. Perhaps also a stop at Husaby church.

Overnight at Kinnekulle.

Gotland itinerary:

Day 3.
Travel to Visby on Gotland, probably via Nynäshamn (south of Stockholm).

Day 4. Start: 08.30 (every day). The area near Visby. Llandovery/Wenlock boundary, Ireviken Event and early Wenlock. Localities: Lusklint 1, Galgberget 1, Vattenfallet in Visby (Vattenfallsprofilen 1), Kopparsvik 2, Högklint 1.

Day 5. Northern Gotland and Fårö, including localities in the area that previously has been off limit for foreigners. Fårö is the northernmost island of Gotland and is known for its stunning scenery and fields of sea stacks. Landovery/Wenlock boundary and early Wenlock. Ireviken and Ansarve events. Localities: Lickershamn 1 + 2, Västös 2, perhaps Ireviken, perhaps Svarven 1, sea stacks between Lautershorn and Langhammarshammar on Fårö, and Broskogs 1.

Day 6. Eastern Gotland. Wenlock and Ludlow. Boge, Valleviken, Mulde and Lau events. Localities: Slitebrottet 1 +2 + Lännaberget 2+ 2B, Bara 1, Gothemshammar3 + 10, Kuppen 1 and Snabben 1 (Silurian sea stack in a recent one).

Day 7. Southern Gotland. Late Ludlow, Lau Event. Localities: Bodudd 1, Husryggen 4, Hoburgen area, holmhällar 1, Lau Backar 1, Botvide 1 (including a cultural stop, old instruments and music).

Day 8. Western Gotland. Late Wenlock. Mulde Event. Localities: Hunninge 1, Klinteenklaven 3, Gannarveskär 1-4, Blåhäll 1, Djupvik 1.

Day 9. The excursion ends in Visby, late during day 8. Hence you may either plan to leave Gotland during that evening, day 9, or perhaps stay on for some days of fieldwork and/or sightseeing.