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Västergötland excursion fee:

For the excursion in Västergötland there are two options. Both include the transport from Oslo, in Västergötland, and to the ferry station in Nynäshamn/Oskarshamn (ferry to Gotland) and almost all meal costs:

1. EUR 315. The fee will include accommodation in a youth hostel (two nights).
2. EUR 385. The fee will include accommodation in a hotel or inn (double room, two nights).

Gotland accommodation:

There are several hotels and youth hostels in the medieval city of Visby. Participants may book themselves or may inform Lennart Jeppsson about their preferences. Independent of which, each participant pay directly to the hotel etc. Please inform about you accommodation preference to
Lennart.Jeppsson@gmail.com and we will try to negotiate a lower price, if enough persons chose the same alternative to make such negotiations possible.

Some hotels are listed below. Other hotels can be found at www.gotland.net

Hotel Breda Blick  0498-202260 Double room: c. 1060 SEK. Single room: c. 855 SEK

Hotel Gute  0498-202260 Double room: 1295 SEK. Single room: 1070 SEK.

Hotel Best Western Strand  Double room: c. 1800 SEK. Single room: c. 1500 SEK

Almedalen's Hotel  Double room: c. 1500 SEK Single room: c. 1000 SEK

Gotland excursion fee:

The fee for the excursion part on Gotland is EUR 240. This includes the ferry ticket and the bus there, but no accommodation and no food (see below).

On Gotland there are two groups of accommodation alternatives. A low cost alternative is our field station (2-beds rooms; c. 100 SEK/bed and night); students who book early, and those who feel that the higher standard at a hotel is not worth the much higher price, will have priority to the c. 20 beds in two-bed-rooms (if not enough beds there, we will find a suitable youth hostel; the cost there may be around 200 or, if within Visby, c. 400 SEK/night). Those who prefer a higher standard can choose among the hotels in the city (unless you like long walks, we recommend you to select one within the Medieval city wall or just outside, those are only 5 to 10 minutes from the pick up place of the bus - the Medieval streets were not planned for buses). Similarly, each participant selects a restaurant for the evening meal. At the field station, there are some possibilities to prepare food and lunch bags, for those who stay there. We will organise a suitable alternative for those who prefer to buy lunch.

The costs for buses, ferry tickets, hotels etc. for 2008 are as yet not set, but any increase is expected to be moderate and we have included such a rise in the prices given above. Depending on the final costs and of the number of participants, a part of the fee may be refunded.