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Torhop village, Tanafjord

View of Torhop village, at the south end of Tanafjord; the excursion will be making two boat trips from this harbour to see the superb exposures of Neoproterozoic glacial sediments on the western side of Tanafjord and on Gaessenjar’ga.  Photo: A. Hugh N. Rice, Vienna

29th July (evening arrival) to 5th August (midday departure)

Numbers of Participants (including leaders): This is constrained by the transport, with boat trips being critical. Three 7-seater minibuses allow ample space for the group.

Costs (per person, based on the assumption that the trip will be fully booked)
Accommodation: NOK 100 (€ 15, US$ 18; for the whole trip).
Hire cars: € 190_US$ 282
Fuel costs: NOK 320 (€ 40, US$ 59)
Boat trips (3): NOK 2,300 (€ 288, US$ 426).
This gives a total cost of € 533 (US$ 825). In the event that a boat trip does not take place, money will be refunded at the end of the excursion. Fluctuations in fuel costs and the NOK-€ exchange rate may result in a slight price increase.

Oslo-Kirkenes return flight costs now, for example (2007:12:13 - this is NOT included in the registration price): €209.26 including tax and service fee. (These are 'Happy Prices': SAS SK4478(BU) 17.35-19.40 and SAS SK4475(BU) 13.45-15.55.) Please confirm preferred flight times with organiser before booking.

Sponsorship: Sponsorship for some developing-world academics/students to attend the trip/meeting has been secured. Allocation of such funding will be decided by the IGCP 512 leadership and the sponsor. Please consult the IGCP 512 website for details (http://www.igcp512.org/).

General  Information: There is no social night-life in the area. Those interested, may be able to go fresh-water fishing in the Tana River or a small local river (salmon and arctic char, respectively; both require a licence) or in the sea (free) with a local expert. Please inform the organiser in advance if you are interested.

Spouses (sensu lato) are welcomed to accompany their geo-partner. A cultural/scenic self-guided tour (museums, local walks etc) will be arranged, if requested in advance. Accommodation will be with the other excursion members.

Timing and Logistics: The trip must be pre-meeting, due to weather constraints: arriving in Kirkenes on Tuesday, July 29th, preferably all on one flight; returning to Oslo on Tuesday, August 5th (see times suggested under 'Costs'). The midnight sun goes down on July 28th, but it will remain light at midnight throughout the trip. Participants will meet at Kirkenes Airport and drive (ca. 1.7 hours) to Seida, in the Tana Bru area (Tana Kommune) on the east side of the Tana River. The excursion end will be the same in reverse, flying from Kirkenes to Oslo the evening before the Congress opens.

Note that short visits to Finland (EU) will be made to buy food, drink and fuel. Participants wishing to visit Finland must ensure they have a valid visa, if required; otherwise, food/drink will be bought on their behalf.

Accommodation, Transport and Meals:
Accommodation: Sleeping on the floor in Seida School. Participants must bring their own good-quality sleeping bag, camping mat and towel. We will be using the school washrooms and social room.
Transport: Three 7-seater minibuses. Europcar has very kindly partially sponsored the costs of these.
Meals: Self-catering, using the Seida School kitchens (in which knives, forks, plates, cups and pots and pans are provided), or socialising with local friends. Groups can elect to cook together if they wish. Lunches will be eaten in the field, using a self-prepared 'packed-lunch'.

Guide-book: The guidebook will be produced under the auspices of IGCP 512 to the standard Congress format and will be available at the Congress as a CD, together with all other field-guides. Participants will be sent a .pdf of the guide to study earlier.