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Timing and Logistics: The pre-meeting excursion will start int the evening of 22 July from Apatity. Participants should arrive at Murmansk airport from which they will be taken to Apatity by bus (2.5 hours). The following routes to Murmansk are being considered: (A) Flight to St.Petersburg or Moscow and then from St.Petersburg or Moscow directly to Murmansk (most preferable, daily flights); (B) flight from Oslo to Murmansk or from Oslo to Tromsø and then Tromsø to Murmansk (4 flights a week). (C) Alternative direct fly from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Apatity (flights twice a week).

Departure to Oslo on 2 August: (A) Flight from Murmansk to St.Petersburg and then from St.Petersburg to Oslo (most preferable, daily flights); (B) Flight from Murmansk to Oslo or Murmansk to Tromsø and then Tromsø to Oslo (4 flights a week).

Accommodation, Transport and Meals. Apatity is situated close to the geological objects and all daily field trips will start and finish in the hotel situated in town. Blocks of single and double rooms will be reserved for participants, no additional arrangements needed. In order to reach all geological objects situated 50 km away from Apatity, it is presently contemplated that the trip to Khibina be run with 20-seat off-road bus-like truck with experienced driver. Besides, such truck is the only vehicle available for the open pit which we are going to visit during the excursion. For trip to Lovozero (200 km from Apatity) we have arranged a comfortable bus.

Breakfast and dinner are usually associated with overnight accommodation. Ready-to-eat lunches are planned to be at nice outcrops in the mountains.

Guide-book: The guide-book will be prepared in a standard Congress format. It will be available with all others on a CD and printed in the necessary number for the actual excursion.