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Route and day-by-day stops (see Fig. 1):

Day 1: Flight from Oslo to Alta. Accommodation, in Alta/Quality Hotel Vica. Briefing.

Day 2: Bus Alta-Masi (~1:30h). Day at the Stuoragurra Fault: impressive post-glacial offset of the ground surface (Fig. 2a) at Masi and Mierujokka, study of liquefaction and injection structures (trench across a 7 m high fault scarp, Fig. 2b). Night at Enontekiö/Hetta Hotel in Finland.

Day 3: Bus Enontekiö – Tärendö (~400 km). Helicopter trips to the Pärvie (Fig. 3) and Lainio-Suijavaara faults. Some Quaternary geology along the bus and helicopter routes (e.g. palsa mire permafrost features, glacial geomorphology, a major glaciofluvially incised canyon). Accommodation in Tärendö/Forest Hotel, nicely located along river Tärendöälven (one of the largest bifurcations of the World) and just a few meters above the postglacial highest coast-line.

Day 4: Meeting in the morning. Excursion by bus in the Tärendö region: mainly Quaternary geology, e.g. palimpsest landscapes (formed during the Early Weichselian and surviving two subsequent glaciations), relict periglacial features dating from the Tärendö Interstadial. Accomodation in Tärendö/Forest Hotel.

Day 5: Bus Tärendö – Lansjärv – Överkalix (~ 200 km). Several short stops along the route and several excursion sites in the Lansjärv area. Theme: Lansjärv fault scarps, seismically triggered landslides (Fig. 4), seismites (soft-sediment deformation and/or “graded tills”), postglacial rebound – highest coastline, recent seismicity. Accommodation in Överkalix/Grand Arctic Hotel.

Day 6: Continued excursion by bus in the Lansjärv area: fault scarps and trench across a minor scarp, seismites (trenching, see day 5), some Quaternary geology (highest coastline is well displayed along the route). Accommodation in Överkalix/Grand Arctic Hotel.

Day 7: Bus Överkalix – Umeå (~400 km, detours included). Some Quaternary geology along the route (long transport). Excursion west and southwest of Skellefteå: fault scarps (including a trench across a 7 m high scarp), seismites (trenching). Accommodation in Umeå. Meeting in the evening: summarizing, discussion, thanks and good bye!

Day 8: Transfer to Stockholm/Arlanda airport. 

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