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Timing and Logistics:  The trip will begin near Östersund, Sweden in the evening of Thursday August 14.  This requires quick departure from the IGC Meeting at Lillestrom, following the closing ceremony at 14:00.  The train from Lillestrom to Oslo Gardermoen Airport takes 11 minutes. Two alternate routes to Östersund from Gardermoen are recommended. A) Fly direct from Oslo to Trondheim, Værnes Airport (55 minutes), and then ride in field trip vans about 3.5 hours across the Swedish border to Östersund. For those inclined there is also a train from nearby Hell Station at 17:15, arriving Ostersund about 20:15.  B) Fly Oslo to Stockholm and then Stockholm to Östersund. 

The housing arrangements are arranged so that the trip will end on the island Lepsøy, on Sunday morning August 24, very close to Ålesund Vigra Airport.  Here there are three closing options for participants:
A) By water taxi early Sunday morning from Lepsøy to Roald, Vigra (15 minutes) then by taxi (five minutes) to Ålesund Vigra Airport for early flights to Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger. (Normal fast boat service not available on Sunday).
B) Return by field trip van toward Trondheim, crossing over Otrøy, but delivered to Molde Årø Airport for early afternoon flight to Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger.
C) Return by field trip van all the way  to Trondheim by a completely different route, including the scenic "Atlantic Highway" and short stops on Otrøy and at the Averøya eclogite-pegmatite dated by T. E. Krogh. Flights from Trondheim Værnes Airport in evening Sunday August 24 (not recommended) or morning Monday August 25.

Overnight Accomodation and Meals:  Overnightings are listed below beginning with Day 0.  One objective is to keep costs down and Vandrerhjems will be used consistently except at the end.  Note that all overnightings are for two or three nights except on Day 6.  This usually lowers stress on participants.  If the number of participants including leaders (3) for the last three nights exceeds about 36 persons (carrying capacity for 4x 9 passenger vans) then major restructuring for overnighting these nights can contemplated but is not guaranteed.  At present the maximum capacity of this trip is 33 paying participants, and the minimum is 13.  Early registration is encouraged to ensure participation within the initial capacity of 33.

Day 0 -Östersund, Sweden.
Day 1 - Östersund, Sweden
Day 2 - Åre, Sweden
Day 3 - Åre, Sweden
Day 4 - Trondheim, Norway
Day 5 - Trondheim, Norway
Day 6 - Sunndalsøra, Norway
Day 7 - Lepsøymisjonsenter, Lepsøy (island), Norway .
Day 8 - Lepsøymisjonsenter, Lepsøy (island), Norway .
Day 9 - Lepsøymisjonsenter, Lepsøy (island), Norway .

Transport:  The trip be run with rented nine-passenger Norwegian vans with geologist drivers (2 - 4, as necessary).  These have been used extensively on field trips in Norway and have the advantage of great flexibility, ability to travel and park on narrow country roads, and ability to get on and off ferries easily.  These vans do not have crowded seating and have very large baggage capacity, a very important feature on an international trip. 

Meals:  Breakfast is usually associated with overnight accommodation.  Also it is usual for lunch materials to be made available at breakfast, and for participants to prepare their own lunches.  In all other places the trip organization will arrange evening meals usually in restaurants, youth hostels, etc.  The people running Lepsøymisjonsenter are also used to preparing food in their large kitchen/dining area.

Other Leaders and Contributors:  We have enlisted a series of local leaders and contributors. We believe that the trip organization cannot afford to pay field trip fees for all leaders and contributors, but we will provide support, where needed, for the actual day that another leader leads.  Likely some local leaders and contributors will want to go on the entire trip, and they should then seek their own support if needed.

Guidebook:  The guide-book will be in standard Congress format. It will be available with all others on a CD , but printed in the necessary number for the actual excursion.

Excursion fee covers:
Mini busses  
Ferries, Bridge Tolls                    
Overnighting 10 nights (incl. breakfast,lunch, and dinners)
Excursion leaders

Chief Organizer: Peter Robinson (Peter.Robinson@NGU.NO)