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Day 0. Friday 1. August: (Travel to Kirkenes)
- Arrival at Kirkenes airport in afternoon (c.13:20) or evening (c.19:45).
- Pre-excursion informal gathering and information (c.21:00).
- Accommodation: Rica Arctic Hotel, Kirkenes.

 Day 1. Saturday 2. August: (Varangerfjorden - Tana)
- Norwegian-Russian border at Storskogen - isolation lake and sea-level change.
- Høybuktmoen, S Varangerfjorden - ice-front delta.
- Junkersneset, S Varangerfjorden - view of marginal moraines and raised shorelines.
- Neidenfjorden, S Varangerfjorden - modern fjord-side delta; tidal processes.
- Brannsletta, S Varangerfjorden - ice-front delta, classic raised shorelines.
- Gandvik, S Varangerfjorden - classic raised shorelines and marine limit.
- Nyelv, S Varangerfjorden - raised deglacial and postglacial deltaic terraces.
- Karlebotn, S Varangerfjorden - delta foreset facies in section.
- Accommodation: Polmak Gjestegård, Polmak, Tana.
Tana Delta Plain  Photo: Geoff Corner
Tana Delta Plain  Photo: Geoff Corner

Day 2. Sunday 3. August: (Tana and outer Varanger peninsula)
- Storfossen, E Tana (Finland) - marine terraces; fluvial flood processes.
- Tana bru (south), E Tana - sequence stratigraphy of deglacial/postglacial valley fill.
- Tana bru (north), W Tana - fluviodeltaic terrace morphology and facies.
- Masjok (south), W Tana - terrace stratigraphy; fluvial deposits and tidal rhythmites.
- Masjok (north), W Tana - fluvial, deltaic and aeolian sediments; braided river.
- Tananes, W Tana - view of modern delta and lower river; subaqueous delta morphology.
- Høyholmen, E Tana - modern active and abandoned delta plain; seismic stratigraphy.
- Travel to Kongsfjord.
- Accomodation: Kongsfjord Gjestehus, Veines, Kongsfjord.

Rhythmites  Photo: Geoff Corner
Rhythmites  Photo: Geoff Corner

Day 3. Monday 4. August: (Varanger peninsula and return to Kirkenes)
font face=Tahoma size=2>- Sandfjorden (near Berlevåg) - raised beaches, valley fill and sequence stratigraphy.
- Travel to Varangerfjorden.
- Mortensnes - coastal archaeological sites; Precambrian tillite.
- Meskelva, N Varangerfjorden - 'fan' delta terrace morphology and facies.
- Varangerbotn - visit to Sami (lappish) museum.
- Travel to Kirkenes (airport and town). Arrival c.18:00.

  Photo: Geoff Corner