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Day-by-day stops:

Day 1: Flight from Oslo to Bodø and Leknes, and bus drive to Nusfjord.

On the way to Nusfjord, brief overview of fault patterns and palaeosurfaces in Vestvågøy. Short stop at outcrops of the Leknes Group metasediments and mangerites and norites near Nusfjord.

Evening seminar: Introduction to geology and tectonics of Lofoten.

Overnight in Nusfjord.

Day 2: Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy.

Petrology: Pegmatite dykes at Å, Sund-Ølkona Mangerite suite, Flakstadøya anorthosite complex, eclogitic shear zones.

Tectonics: Study of Cretaceous-Palaeogene brittle faults and fractures along shore near the village of Å in Moskenes. Reine high-alpine landscapes controlled by brittle fault-fracture systems, Vareid-Vikten major faults (West Lofoten Border Fault) bounding the north side of Lofoten Ridge.

Overnight in Nusfjord.

Day 3: Through Vestvågøy and part of Austvågøy, Central Lofoten.

Petrology: Borge gabbro pluton, Metasupracrustal gneisses at Brenna, Banded iron formations at Unstad-Eggum, Granulite facies gneisses at Skokkelvik, Plutonic rocks of Gimsøy, Mangerite-charnockites of Hopen north of Henningsvær.

Tectonics: Fault escarpments and tilted palaeosurfaces near Borg, major road cut at Kariflåget, Brittle fault-fractures at Henningsvær-Rørvika, East Lofoten Border Fault, Faulting history of central Lofoten.

Overnight in Svolvær.

Day 4: Raftsundet in eastern Lofoten and southern part of Langøy, Vesterålen.

Petrology: Raftsundet charnockite-mangerite pluton, Ductile shear zones in mangerites at Ingelsfjord in LOFAST road cuts, Langøy: Eidsfjord anorthosites and retrogressed mangerites.

Tectonics: Multiple generations of brittle fault-fracture sets at Raftsundet, brittle fault rocks, gouges, pseudotachylites and kinematic striated fault surfaces. Langøy: Heier Zone mylonites representing an exhumed Permian (?) detachment and underlying metamorphic core complex.

Overnight in Sortland.

Day 5: Sortlandsundet - Evenes.

Petrology: Granulitic augen-gneisses at Hanøy.

Tectonics: Late Jurassic fault bounding the Sortlandsundet Graben (in quarry at Kvitnes, Sigerfjord). Prominent fault escarpment and tilted fault blocks controlling the landscape in southern part of Vesterålen.

Drive to Evenes and flight to Oslo.