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Fjord gates

Timing and Logistics:
This 7 day excursion will be post-meeting and will start by air from Oslo to Bergen on Thursday morning August 14th, 2008. When booking far ahead both SAS and Norwegian give low cost airfares. 
Latest arrival Bergen
airport at 08.10 a.m. SAS has two morning flights: Departure Oslo Gardermoen at 06.35 or 07.15.
Price for "Happy ticket" NOK 806.- (€100.-). Present day lowest price (22.11.07): NOK 511.-  (€64). Flex NOK 1443.-
(€180.-) and Full flex NOK 1659.- (€207.-). Norwegian has a departure from Oslo Gardermoen at 07.15 at a price of NOK 327.- + luggage NOK 27.- per item (€45.-).  Bus departure as soon as possible after the 8.10 arrivals.

Since there will be no cultural stop in the city of Bergen, there is a possibility to visit Bergen on the 13th ("The capitol of the fjords"), by leaving Oslo a day in advance and join the excursion in Bergen by being picked up at the Bergen Bus Terminal at 09:00 hours on 14 August. Booking of one night in Bergen (13th - 14th August) can be arranged for those interested by contacting one of the excursion leaders.

The excursion area is easily accessible by bus. In addition boat trips on the narrow Nærøyfjord as well as on the Geirangerfjord are included. The programme in the excursion area will include hiking trips in tributary valleys as well as bus stops to selected sites of special interest along the route. In the morning of August 20th, 2008, the excursion participants will be brought by bus from Stryn back to Oslo where the post-IGC excursion will end on the late afternoon of August 20h, 2008.

Accommodation, Transport and Meals: In total six overnight stays are planned: At two locations we plan to stay for two nights. (Nordfjordeid and Stryn). Staying for two nights at the same place will reduce stress for participants. The excursion will be operated with a Norwegian bus with professional driver. The bus trip starts at Bergen Airport on the morning of August 14th, 2008, and ends in Oslo on early afternoon, August 20th, 2008. Breakfast and lunch packages will be provided together with the overnight accommodation. Breakfast and evening meals will be served at hotel restaurants along the route.

Other Leaders and Contributors: The following other leaders and contributors will participate in the excursion: Eiliv Larsen, Geological Survey of Norway and University of Bergen; Astrid Lyså, Geological Survey of Norway; Knut Stalsberg, Geological Survey of Norway; Valentin Burki, Geological Survey of Norway and University of Bergen. Lars Harald Blikra, Stranda kommune and Geological Survey of Norway. All these Other Leaders and contributors are currently working in the excursion area and will present - together with general introductions - their latest research and results.     

Guide Book: The Excursion Guide-Book will be in standard Congress format. It will be available with all others on a CD and printed in the necessary number for the actual excursion.

Excursion fee covers:
Norwegian Bus with professional driver for 7 days
Boat trips on the Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord
Hotel accommodation for 6 nights, including breakfast and lunch packages
Entrance Glacier Muséum and National Park Centre
Dinner for 6 evenings