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Scientific Outline and General Schedule:

Following is a brief scientific outline of the geology to be covered.

Day 0: Arrive in Bergen, stay overnight at a downtown hotel.

Day 1: Introduction to the excursion at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen. Drive from Bergen to Karmøy through the fjord land of SW Norway. Excursion stops at granitic intrusions, volcanic arc and sedimentary sequences that are associated with the ophiolitic terrain. Stay overnight in cabins on the west coast of Karmøy.

Day 2: Rubber boat excursion to coastal exposures and islands to see the upper parts of the Karmøy Ophiolite Complex: High-level gabbros with associated plagiogranites, gabbro-dyke transition, and the volcanic section with associated sediments. Overnight stay in cabins on Karmøy.

Day 3: Cross-section through the lower plutonic parts of the Karmøy Ophiolite Complex: Layered gabbros, oceanic ductile shear zones, cross cutting boninitic dyke swarms. In the afternoon, transport to Middle Norway and the island of Leka by air, car and ferry. Stay overnight at Leka Motel and Camping.

Day 4: Transect across layered ultramafic cumulates of the Leka Ophiolite Complex. Stay overnight at Leka Motel and Camping.

Day 5: Transect across tectonised harzburgites and dunites of the mantle section of the Leka Ophiolite Complex. Overnight transport to Trondheim with "Hurtigruten" (the Coastal Steamer).

Day 6:  Transport to Løkken by minibus, transect across the shallow gabbros, dikes and volcanic sequence hosting massive sulphide with their hydrothermal root zone and associated sediments (jasper and oxide/silicate/sulphide iron-formation). Stay overnight at Løkken.

Day 7: Return from Løkken by minibus, visit ancient soapstone/chlorite schist quarry en route to Trondheim. Excursion ends in the afternoon with a guided geo-archaeological tour to the Nidaros Cathedral.