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Timing and Logistics: The trip will be post-meeting and it will start in Bergen on the 15th of August in the morning. Transport from Oslo to Bergen will be by train or by air on the 14th. The excursion will end in Trondheim on the 21st, from where there are good connections to Oslo and other international airports.

Accommodation, Transport and Meals: An outline is shown below along with the excursion stops. Transport from Bergen to Karmøy will be by minibuses and ferries through the fjord land of Southwest Norway.
Transport from Karmøy to the island of Leka on the coast of Middle Norway will be by air to Rørvik and then by minibuses and ferry. Transport from Leka to Trondheim will be with the Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) and then by minibuses to and from the Løkken area. 

To keep costs as low as possible, accommodation will preferably be in camping cabins, motels etc.

Meals: Breakfast is usually associated with overnight accommodation. Lunch will be prepared in the morning for each to bring with them in the field. Evening meals will usually be organised in restaurants and cafeterias etc.

Guide-book: The guide-book will be in standard Congress format. It will be available with all others on a CD and printed in the necessary number for the actual excursion.

Excursion fee covers:
Mini bus + ferries
Air fare Haugesund-Rørvik     
Mail Boat Rørvik-Trondheim (with cabin)  
Hotel accommodation (including breakfast)    
Excursion leaders

Additional expenses, not covered by the fee, to be paid by each participant during the trip, include lunch and evening meal each day: estimated cost of these items is NOK 250/day, total ca NOK 1700.