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Scientific Outline and Schedule:

Day 1 (15th August):
Assembly outside main entrance of the University of Bergen Science building, Allégt 41 before 10 AM, departure at 10 AM to the Nordhordland, granulite- and eclogite facies rocks of Åsane/Arna and Holsnøy.
(Night 15-16 August, Alver hotel, Alversund).

Day 2 (16th August): Granulite and eclogite facies rocks and Caledonian retrograde deformation and metamorphism Radøy, Lindås, Austrheim. Drive to Leirvik, via Fensjorden ferry, and ferry across Sognefjorden to Leirvik in Hyllestad
(Night 16-17 August, Leirvik hotel, Hyllestad).

Day 3 (17th August):  Car ferry from Rysjedalsvika to Solund to study the Solund Devonian basin. En route we shall have a spectacular view of the Solund basin marginal fault along Lihesten and Losna along the north side of Sognefjorden. The Hersvik section with basal Devonian deposits, large-scale landslides. The Hardbakke section with basal deposits, pre-Devonian basin-floor topography, fan-architecture, and particular focus on the alteration of mafic and ultramafic clasts and boulders in fanglomerates. Return by bus and ferry to Leirvik.
(Night 17-18 August, Leirvik hotel, Hyllestad).

Day 4 (18th August):  Western Gneiss Comples and the Nordfjord- Sogn Detachment zone in Hyllestad, Transition from intact WGC protoliths, into eclogite-bearing rocks, mylonites, Hyllestad schists, Drøsdal eclogite. Drive to Fure, ferry to Askvoll
(Night 18-19 August, Askvoll fjordhotel, Askvoll).

Day 5 (19th August):  Nordfjord- Sogn Detachment zone in Askvoll, Vårdalsneset eclogite, Dørhella mylonites, Dalsfjord fault, Høyvik Group, Herland Group, Sunnfjord Melange
(Night 19-20 August, Askvoll fjordhotel, Askvoll).

Day 6 (20th August): Excursion Askvoll-Florø. Extensional faulting in the hanging-wall of the NSDZ, Kvamsheten Devonian Basin, NSDZ mylonites and eclogites along the Førdefjorden antiform, and mylonitic Jotun-nappe equivalents below the Hornelen basin. (Night 20-21 August, Florø hotel, Florø)

Day 7 (21th August): Excursion Florø to Selje. Hornelen Devonian Basin, Nordfjord via Åheim to Selje
(Night 20-21 August, Selje hotel, Selje).

Day 8 (22nd August): Relationships between magmatic- and granulite facies protoliths and the high- and ultra-high pressure rocks of the Nordfjord region: The Selje UHP-eclogites, Flatraket granulite-eclogite, scapolitization, Kråkeneset gabbro, eclogite facies pseudotachylytes, shear zones and amphibolite facies scapolitization, the Verpeneset eclogite, return to Selje hotel. (Night 22-23 August, Selje hotel, Selje).

Day 9 (23rd August): Departure from Selje by early morning boat to Florø/Bergen/ and travel to Oslo. (Boat from Selje not included in the excursion fee).