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Day 1. Helsinki:
Walk around the city to see the dimension stones used in buildings that Sederholm used as examples of  partial melting. Boat trip to Obbnäs rapakivi intrusion to see the relative age relations of rocks from xenoliths in the Obbnäs rapakivi granite. Night in Inkoo

Day 2: Day two is dedicated to migmatite structures (and granites of Sederholm´s group two) in the Barösund area. The following islands will be visited: Brändö Harun, Porsö, Bågaskär, Spikarna. Night in Hankoo

Day 3: The excursion day starts with identification of partial melts in the Hankoo granite. After the visit to the outcrops, the excursion will go to Kasnäs in Dragsfjärd to keep a one day workshop on migmatites. After the workshop, the excursion continues to Korpo for the night. Night in Korpo

Day 4. Kumlinge and Enklinge (Åland): The excursion will study some of the key areas where Sederholm developed the pre-cambrian stratigraphy of southern Finland. Some of the ideas have been abandoned, after the development of radiometric dating. Night in Brändö (Åland)

Day 5: The excursion will visit the famous Svecofennian post-orogenic Åva ring-intrusion, that was decribed by Sederholm as an example of granite of the third group.

Travel to Turku by bus

On its way to Turku, the excursion will visit the Vehmaa rapakivi granite batolith as an example of a granite of Sederholm´s granite of group four. Night in Turku

Day 6: Migmatites in Turku area and West-Uusimaa are areas where the latest methods have been used in migmatite research in Finland. The excursion will visit some key localities in the Turku- and in the West-Uusimaa granulite area. Evening; back in Helsinki