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Timing and logistics: A six day (16 - 21 August) post-IGC excursion for 20 persons will be aranged to visit Sederholm´s key areas. One day of the excursion will be a workshop on migmatites. To this workshop experts from all over the world will be invited to present the latest ongoing research on migmatites to a younger group of scientists.

Since the areas are situated in the archipelagos of southern and southwestern Finland, the major part of the excursion will be made by boat. The excursion will start and end in Helsinki.

A speedboat for 23 persons (20 participants, two guides, one skipper) will be rented for five days. The skipper, Bengt Karlström from Åland, who owns the boat, has been driving geological excursions for 30 years. He has a very good reputation. The boat starts from the market square in Helsinki, drives throgh the archipelago of southern Finland and Åland to Kustavi in SW Finland where the participants enter a bus via Turku back to Helsinki. There will be possibilities for participants to fly directly to Oslo from Helsinki after the excursion.

The excursion accommodation will be in tourist cottages and hostels.

Breakfast is usually associated with overnight accomodation. Also it is usual for lunch materials to be made available at breakfast, and for participants to prepair their own lunches. The organizers will arrange evening meals in small local restaurants, particularly the catering belonging to the chain Archipelago taste, that guarantee high quality for a moderate price.

Field equipment: No heavy equipment needed. Sport shoes are enough. Usually the weather is nice in southern Finland in the beginning of august, but waterproofs could be useful.

Guide-book: The guide-book will be standard Congress format. It will be available with all others on a CD and printed in the necessary number for the actual excursion.