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Dates and location of start and end: Start 15 August 2008 in Oslo. End at Arlanda international airport, Stockholm, Sweden at c. 15.00 on 21 August 2008. 7 days.

Mode of transportation and field equipment:
Tourist bus and boat. The field stops are located mostly close to or along a road. However, the excursion includes a two-hour hike at Forsmark and proper walking boots are required for this hike. The weather is usually stable and sunny (c. 20oC) in Sweden and Finland in August. However, all participants are advised to bring rain clothes.

Description of logistics: This excursion is run as a post-IGC excursion, as a follow-up to the planned topical symposium with the title "Geology and disposal of nuclear waste: Nordic approach ( special aspects of the disposal in crystalline bedrock" (see IGC 2008, second circular). On account of the proposed visit to the underground facility at ONKALO (see below), there will be a restriction to a maximum number of 20 excursion participants. It is planned that the trip will be run with a tourist bus that contains a toilet facility and adequate baggage space. Two overnight trips on a boat are also planned. Accommodation will occur in single or double rooms during different nights. The detailed plan for travel, accommodation and meals during each day of the excursion is outlined below: