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Gea Norvegica Geopark, a UNESCO European Geopark in Southern Norway

Excursion responsibility: Sven Dahlgren and Mona Holte, Gea Norvegica Geopark.

This excursion includes the following main logistics:
* Bus departing from Oslo in the morning of August 3rd, transport by bus within the geopark on 3rd, 4th and 5th. Return by bus to Oslo in the late evening of August 5th.
* Boat trip on the Langesundsfjorden fiord and the Telemark Canal.
* Two nights in the High Class "Quality Hotel & Resort Skjærgården" hotel at Langesund (the nights between 3rd and 4th, and 4th and 5th respectively (telephone +47 3597 8100).
* Breakfasts (4th and 5th), lunches (3rd, 4th and 5th) and dinners (3rd, 4th and 5th)


July 1st - July 28th:
During the summer holiday the contact telephone is the switchboard at Fylkeshuset i Telemark, Skien: Telephone +48 3558 4200. Operated between 0800 and 1500.
They will give you the phone number to the person to contact during the summer.

From July 29th
The geopark office is manned. Call Telephone +48 3558 4200 and ask for:
* Mona Holte
* Ingeborg Klepp
* Kristin Rangnes
* Sven Dahlgren

Limitation of participants: The number of participants must exceed 15, but is limited to a maximum of 30.

Earth heritage excursion and Symposium: This excursion will be complementary to the proposed symposium on Earth Heritage and Society.

Contact address:
Sven Dahlgren
3126 Tønsberg

Tel +47 3334 4000
Mobile +47 9069 2752
e-mail: sven.dahlgren@online.no