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Day-by-day stops:

Day 1:  9.00 - Drive Oulu-Inari, Quick stops during the drive;

a) Archaean basement 70 km north of Oulu

b) Kittilä Greenstone belt, a 2450-1900 assembly of Volcanic and Sedimentary rocks and late orogenic molasse

b1) Tholeitic pillow lava and conglomerate, Aakenusjoki “volcano park”, Savukoski Group >2050 Ma

b2) Veikasenmaa quartz porphyry ~2.0 and Greenstone 2016 Ma, Kittilä Group

b3) Kumpu molasse conglomerate 1870-1880 Ma

c) Tenojoki/Tanaelv belt SW marginal zone of LGB, transposed metavolcanic rock (garnet amphibolite) (either Kittilä or Savukoski group.

Day 2: Drive Inari-Utsjoki-Karigasniemi-Inari, several stops;

a) NE marginal zone of the LGB near Vetsikko

b) Migmatization of metapelites near Utsjoki

c) Enderbite series igneous rocks and their variation W of Utsjoki

d) 1918 Ma enderbite intrusion, Paktevarsavu road builders memorial

e) Structural aspects, stretching lineation, banding, thrusts and crustal scale duplexing of the LGB

f) W marginal zone

g) If time left, visit to Angeli Anorthosite body

Evening session, summary of the day and introduction to next day.

Day 3: Drive Kaamanen (Inari) –Kakslauttanen-Kuttura-Saariselkä, several stops;

a) NE marginal zone/LGB border zone, generation of migmatitic metapelitic granulites at Kaamanen (Gtr-Bt-Sil-stomatic migmatites)

b) LGB: Diatexites at Kaamanen and Möyssäjärvi, ~1910 biotite granodiorite veins at Möyssäjärvi

c) LGB: Section Kakslauttanen-Kuttura, several outcrops of dated enderbite series and migmatitic metapelite series rocks, their relation, structure, variation etc.

d) Gold prospecting and panning at Ivalojoki historical sites

Evening session: Summary of the day and LGB as well as 1.9 assembling of the NE Fennoscandian Shield. Summary of isotopic dating and correlation. Next day visits.

Day 4: Drive Saariselkä-Oulu;

a) Gold prospecting museum of Lapland

b) Sodankylä: back to Greenstone Belt Komatites (2380-2430) and Nuttio ophiolite complex 1920-2000 Ma (earlier than granulite)

It is strongly recommended that participants stay overnight in Oulu.

Minimum and maximum limit of participants for the excursion: Minimum 23, Maximum 40