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Day-by-day stops:

Day 1 (30 July): Arrival.

  • Start from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport at 16:00.
  • Drive to the Hyytiälä forestry station (Univ. Helsinki), Juupajoki; dinner-stop at Oritupa, Orivesi. Introduction to the excursion. Accommodation at Hyytiälä.

Day 2 (31 July): Central Finland Granitoid Complex and northernmost Tampere Belt.

  • Magma mingling features at Mänttä.
  • Postkinematic mafic dykes at Keuruu. Seismic section images highly reflective ladders rising from the lower crust to the upper crust beneath the dykes at surface.
  • Pack lunch.
  • Synkinematic and postkinematic granitoid plutons and a 1.88 Ga old shear zone (interpreted as right-lateral) at Jämsä.
  • Koskuenjärvi formation (~1905 Ma, the oldest dated volcanic unit of the Tampere Belt) at the Ruohosuo quarry west of Orivesi.
  • Sauna, barbeque and accommodation at Hyytiälä.

Day 3 (1 August): Tampere Belt east of Lake Näsijärvi.

  • Early open folding with subhorizontal intersection lineation and subvertical stretching lineation in a road-cut at Kämmenniemi, Tampere.
  • Ahvenlammi conglomerate of the Myllyniemi formation (at the stratigraphic bottom).
  • Turbiditic rocks of the Tuuliniemi and Pylsynlahti formations.
  • Pack lunch.
  • Stratified volcaniclastic and coherent units (low in stratigraphy) of the Pulesjärvi-Kolunkylä complex.
  • Stratified and coherent units of the Pulesjärvi-Kolunkylä complex.
  • Aromäki conglomerate.
  • Pyroclastic volcanics of the upper part of the Pulesjärvi-Kolunkylä complex at Iso-Kartano.
  • Interlayered arc-related sediments in the Pirkanmaa Belt close to the fault boundary between the Tampere and Pirkanmaa belts.
  • Dinner and accommodation at Hämeenkyrö/Tampere.

Day 4 (2 August): Tampere Belt west of Lake Näsijärvi and change to Pirkanmaa Belt.

  • Haveri formation with EMORB-like pillow basalts and black schists (considered the oldest unit of the Tampere Belt) and overlying turbiditic psammite of the Osara formation at Hämeenkyrö.
  • Conglomerate at Hämeenkyrö (optional).
  • Turbidites of the Tampere Belt at Vihola, Nokia. A historical excursion site of IGC 21 where Pettijohn, Wasserburg and Engel visited in 1960 (optional).
  • Pack lunch.
  • Arenite with cross-bedding structure ("Mauri arkose"; highest in stratigraphy) at Nohkua, Vammala.
  • Intensely folded sedimentary rock at the transitional zone between the Tampere and Pirkanmaa Belts at Nohkua.
  • Rämsöö conglomerate of the Pirkanmaa Belt.
  • Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Ellivuori.

Day 5 (3 August): Pirkanmaa Belt. 

  • MORB-affinity volcanics at Urjala.
  • Layered tuffitic and amygdaloidal volcanics at Akaa.
  • Change from Pirkanmaa Belt to Häme Belt at Kalvola: decrease in metamorphic grade in sedimentary rocks in a 4 km north-south section. Changes can be seen in aeromagnetic pattern and seismic profile.
  • Pack lunch.
  • Granulite facies gneisses of Pirkanmaa Belt with peak metamorphism dated at ~1880 Ma at Luopioinen.
  • Volcanics of Pirkanmaa Belt at Padasjoki.
  • Dinner, sauna and accommodation at Padasjoki.

Day 6 (4 August): Late Svecofennian rocks.

  • Quartzite, arkosite and volcanic rocks of the Pyhäntaka formation at Nastola.
  • Pack lunch.
  • Migmatitic rock (granulite facies) of the Late Svecofennian granite-migmatite belt at Lohja.
  • Layered, garnet-bearing 1850 Ma granite of the Late Svecofennian granite-migmatite belt at Veikkola.
  • Wrap-up of the excursion at Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Espoo.
  • Return to Helsinki Airport at 18:00 or transportation to downtown Helsinki.