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Day 1/Monday 28.7.: Arrival to Kuopio (Finland) in the afternoon/evening, but no later than by the 16:40-17:30 flight from Helsinki or 14:12-18:43 (Kuopio)/20:36 (Kajaani) train from Helsinki (www.vr.fi, www.finnair.fi, www.blue1.fi). Transport to Kajaani (2 hrs), where introduction to the field trip, dinner and overnight (http://www.karolineburg.com/www/index_uk.htm).

Day 2/Tuesday 29.7.: Possible arrivals in the morning to the Kajaani airport (6 am flight from Helsinki). Start of the field trip at 8:00 am (drive via airport). Jormua Ophiolite Complex - Palaeoproterozoic passive-margin type ophiolite with Archean subcontinental mantle outcrops (whole day), drive to Kuusamo, 3 h, where  dinner, sauna and overnight (

Day 3/Wednesday 30.7.: Wake-up at 7:00 am, breakfast, start at 8:00 am. Across the Finnish-Russian border at Suoperä, drive to Gridina (c. 300 km, Pjaozerskii, Kestenga, Louhi, Gridino), roadside geology stops of Archean geology of the Karelian Craton: e.g. sanukitoids of Nothern Karelian batholith. Arrival to Gridino at the White Sea coast in the late afternoon, overnight at fieldcamp (tents and sleeping bags provided), dinner.

Day 4/Thursday 31.7.: Wake-up at 7:30, breakfast, start boat trip approximately at 8:30 (depending on weather). Visit islands in Gridino area, Archean eclogites as part of metamorphosed melange, Proterozoic mafic dikes, eclogitisaton processses. Lunch in the island. Return to Gridino at 3 p.m. and start driving to Louhi (80 km), arrival to Louhi at 8 p.m., dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 5/Friday 1.8.: Wake up at 7:00, breakfast. Visit to Khizovaara (Archean greenstone belt supracrustals with boninites and inferred oceanic origin of the complex). Drive to Kalevala, road-side geology stops of Archean geology at the boundary between Karelian Craton (lamprophyre dikes) and Belomorian mobile belt (metavolcanites of Keret greenstone belt). Overnight and dinner at Kalevala.

Day 6/Saturday 2.8.: Wake up at 7:00, breakfast. Drive to Kostomuksha (ca. 100 km). Archean oceanic plateau and island arc-type Kostomuksha greenstone belt with economic BIF-deposits 
http://www.severstal.com/eng/company_profile/portrait/russian_mining_operations/). In the late afternoon across the Russia-Finland border at Vartius, overnight and dinner at Kuhmo (http://www.hotellikalevala.fi/indexeng.htm).

Day 7/Sunday 3.8.:
Wake up at 7:00, breakfast. Kuhmo and Tipasjärvi greenstone belt geology: tectonostratigraphy and tectonic setting, sanukitoids, komatiite-tholeiite successions, felsic volcanics. Drive to Hyrynsalmi, overnight at Bomba spa (http://www.nnc.fi/bomba/eng/index.htm).

Day 8/Monday 4.8.: Wake up at 7:00. Archean mafic Varpaisjärvi granulites. Archean-Proterozoic (Svecofennian) transition zone. Drive to Kuopio, end of the field trip at about 17:20. Drive to Kuopio railway station (Helsinki trains 17:20-22:00, 19:51-00:36) and Kuopio airport (Blue 1 Kuopio-Helsinki 17:55-18:45) and hotels.


Petri, Pentti and Sasha