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Scientific outline: The following is a brief outline of the excursion localities. The proposed programme can be adjusted depending on weather circumstances and the specific requests of the group.  

The excursion will be held from Friday 15 August to Wednesday 20 August 2008:

Day 0 (Friday 15 August):
Fly from Copenhagen, Denmark or Oslo, Norway to the Faroe Islands with Atlantic Airways. Bus journey from the airport to Hotel Tórshavn. Evening talk on the geology of the Faroe Islands at the hotel.

Day 1: Breakfast and coffee and transfer to the bus to travel north to visit glacial sites on Streymoy and Eysturoy. Weather permitting we will take a 4 hour hike to the roof of the Faroe Islands, the highest mountain Slættaratindur to look at glaciated landscapes. Night in guesthouse Gjáargarður in picturesque village of Gjógv.

Day 2: Depending on the weather and group request, the group may be split into two parts for the day. One group will go diving to see submerged localities off the coast of Gjógv, while the other group will take a speed boat to visit some of the tallest sea cliffs in the whole of Europe. The erosion of the Faroe Islands from glaciations and from wave forcing has been and still is severe. The glaciation compeletely transformed the plateau basaltic landscapes into a high relief landscape. This transformation is especially breathtaking in the northern and western regions where sea cliffs rise 700 meters straight from the ocean. We can speculate on the implications of these cliffs for possible tsunami events. Night at Hotel Viðareiði.

Day 3:
We will visit a number of quaternary sites at Viðareiði and Klaksvík, where sediments from Eem have been identified. In the afternoon we will take the helicopter from Klaksvík to the southern most island of Suduroy. Depending on the weather the helicopter will fly by some spectacular landscapes demonstrating stages of the glacial and holocene evolution of the landscapes of the Faroe Islands.  In Suðuroy a bus waits to take us to Sumba, where we will take a hike to the fossil rock glacier of Blæing. Night in University Accomodation at Akraberg.

Day 4:
Bus ride on Suduroy and a 2-3 hour hike to the beautiful valley of Hvannhagi which is being considered for declaration as a national park in the Faroe Islands.

Day 5:
Transport people to the airport for their respective connections. Additional localities on the island of Vágur where the airport is situated, can be considered for those with late departures.