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Timing and logistics: The trip will be post-meeting and will commence from Oslo or Copenhagen on Friday 15 August 2008. The trip will end on Wednesday 20 August 2008 with departures from Vágar Airport.

Accommodation, transport and meals: The trip will include visits to remote localities with magnificent scenery. This will include transport by bus, boat and helicopters and accommodation at hotels, guesthouses and a field station. Each individual group is limited to about 20 people as this size allows for a small bus ideal for some of the narrow roads and tunnels on the islands.

The excursion will include full board on all days. Cultural events may be included as part of the excursion.

Guidebook: The guidebook will follow the standard IGC-format. It will be made available in an electronic format to be incorporated on to a CD and a sufficient number will be printed for the needs of the fieldtrip and the IGC.