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Scientific Outline and General Schedule: Following is a brief scientific outline of the geology to be covered. Schedule subject to changes.

Day 0: Gathering at Oslo Airport (Gardemoen) and flight to Keflavik International airport. Transfer to Reykavik Domestic airport. Flight to Akureyri (northern Iceland) overnight stay in Akurei.

Day 1: Flight to Constabel Pynt with Flugverlag Iceland. Accomodation at Constable Pynt. HSE: Introduction to arctic behaviour and wildlife, instruction in helicopter behaviour and safety. Geological introduction to the rift basins of East Greenland and the Late Palaeozoic-Mesozoic stratigraphy.

Day 2: Permian and Triassic of Wegener Halvø. Rhaetelv: Lowermost Jurassic Kap Stewart Formation, lacustrine source rocks.

Day 3: Harrisfjeld. Walking from the airstrip to Harris Fjeld. Trekking trough Kap Stewart (Lower Jurassic lacustrine mudstones and fluvial sandstones), Neill Klinter Formation (Lower Jurassic tidal and shallow marine sandstones; Tilje, Ror and Ile equivalents). Importance for analogue studies to reservoir units on the Norwegian shelf.

Harrisfjeld  Photo: Michael Larsen
Harrisfjeld  Photo: Michael Larsen

Day 4: Mt. Pelion. Helicopter transport to Mt. Pelion in northern Jameson Land. Trekking along ridge through the following formations: Sortehat (Lower Jurassic mudstones), Pelion (Middle Jurassic shallow marine sandstones; Garn equivalents), Fossilbjerget (Middle Jurassic shelf siltstones) and possibly Olympen (Upper Jurassic deltaic and slope sandstones). 

Day 5: Ugleelv and Katedralen in central Jameson Land. Helicopter transport to Ugleelv. Trekking through the following formations: Pelion (Middle Jurassic shallow marine sandstones; Garn equivalents), Fossilbjerget (Middle Jurassic shelf siltstones) and Hareelv (Upper Jurassic slope and basinal mudstones with incised sandstone filled gullies; Magnus equivalent).

Day 6: Raukelv in southern Jameson Land. Helicopter transport to Raukelv. Spectacular canyon land with focus on reservoir geology in the Upper Jurassic-Lowermost Cretaceous Raukelv Formation (Giant-scale cross-bedded shelf and slope sandstones).

Day 7: Wrap-up - local excursion around Constable Pynt.

 Photo: Michael Larsen
 Hareelv  Photo: Michael Larsen

Day 8: Return flight to Akureyri and further on to Reykjavik. Visit to Blue Lagoon or Tour of Reykavik. Midnight flight to Oslo. End of excursion.
Overnight stay in Reykjavik.

Day 9: Transfer to Keflavik International Airport and scheduled flight to Oslo airport (Gardemoen). End of excursion.

Jameson Land