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Practical Information

Special Notes: This field trip is a non-standard excursion and will take place in a remote artic landscape. It is recommended that the participants are in good healthy condition and have some field or trekking experiences. At some localities danger of vertigo cannot be avoided.

We will stay overnight at the airstrip and go on full day excursions. Transport to localities is based on helicopter (Bell 222) and will be dependent on day-to-day weather conditions and pre-scheduled helicopter operations. As the weather is unpredictable, this means that the general schedule given below is subject to changes and some localities may not be visited as planned or may be excluded. 

The field trip will take place in an uninhabitated area with no infrastructure. Encounters with wild life (muskox and polar bear) are possible although unlikely to occur. The two field guides will carry firearms and flares, and participants will be requested to stay with the group in the field and in the close surroundings of the airstrip during free hours.

There will be no cultural (Inuit) activities possible during this field trip and is highly unlikely that we will meet any locals except from the staff at Constable Pynt, neither will we be able to bring back souvenirs (other than stones) from the Greenland trip. Having said that the field trip will give the participants a detailed knowledge of some of the best field analogues for the North Atlantic rift and a Greenland experience for life.   

Excursion Fee: The petroleum geology excursion to Jameson Land is sponsored by DONG Energy allowing a reduced excursion fee of 5000 Euro. The price covers the logistic setup in Greenland and travel Oslo-Jameson Land, accommodation and meals. The price is based on 14 participants and 2 guides, but may run with 7 participants and 1 guide.

Timing and Logistics: The trip will be pre-meeting to secure the optimum weather conditions in Greenland. It will begin in Oslo airport, July 29 and end at the same location midday wednesday 6 August. (Dates subject to change depending on the 2008 flight schedules to Greenland).

Accommodation, Transport and Meals: Accommodation will be arranged at the hostel located at the airstrip Constable Pynt, Jameson Land. Accommodation will be in simple standard 2 and 3 person rooms with shared toilets and bath.

Meals: All meals will be provided in the cantine at Constable Pynt. Bread and toppings will be available at breakfast for participants to prepare their own packed lunches. Wine etc. may be imported following the Greenlandic custom rules.