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Practical Information

Start: The excursion will start from Copenhagen, in Denmark - Monday the 28th July in the morning. Participants should arrive at Copenhagen on Sunday the 27th July to be able to catch the morning flight the next day to Greenland.

End: The excursion will end in Copenhagen, Friday 1st August in the evening. After the excursion the participants can enjoy a weekend in Copenhagen or go directly to Oslo. A visit to the ice core cold storage in Copenhagen on Saturday 2nd August can be arranged as an offer for people choosing to stay in Copenhagen after the excursion. The cold-rooms house many of the ice cores drilled in Greenland. But the participants are on their own from the arrival in Copenhagen at Friday 1st August in the evening.

4.200 EUR. This includes:
Air ticket Copenhagen - Ilulissat - Copenhagen
Accommodation and all meals during stay in Greenland
Helicopter tour to the Inland Ice
Boat trip on Ilulissat Icefjord
Local hike in the area

Large icebergs stranded on Isfjeldsbanken at the mouth of Ilulissat Icefjord.

Number of participants and registration deadline: Minimum number of participants is 9 and maximum number is 12.

Late July is a very favourable time of the year in Ilulissat with extra helicopter capacity in town, but also a very busy time with many tourists coming in. This means that air tickets and hotel accommodation should be booked in early spring.

Registration for the excursion should be no later than 1st February 2008. Registrants will be informed no later than 15th February about cancellation, if the excursion does not attract enough participants. Full payment together with binding registration should be no later than 28th February to ensure the validity and confirmation of your booking.

Accommodation: The participants will be accommodated in single-rooms at 4-star Hotel Arctic during the stay in Ilulissat. The hotel has a fantastic view over the Disko Bay with thousands of icebergs.
Hotel Arctic:

Logistics and clothing: The midweek timing of the excursion is to avoid possible problems with airport closure during weekends in Greenland and limited or no scheduled flights from Ilulissat to Copenhagen during Saturday and Sunday. The transport from Copenhagen to Ilulissat and back will be by scheduled Greenlandair flights. The helicopter flight to the Inland Ice in Ilulissat will be by Greenlandair Charter helicopter. Boat trip among the icebergs in Ilulissat Icefjord is by local boat charter. The absolute best experience of the excursion is the helicopter trip to the Inland Ice. The trip is scheduled for Thursday 29th July. This gives the possibility of changing the helicopter flight to Wednesday or Thursday, if weather does not allow for flying. The programme in and around Ilulissat will be changed accordingly. In the case of very bad weather for flying during the whole week, a boat trip along the coast to the outlet glacier Equip Sermia may be an alternative. This is close to the location where Paul Emil Victor started his famous expeditions on the Inland Ice. But we are in the Arctic and all arrangements are fully dependent on the weather. The participants should be aware of this fact.  
Smaller northern ice stream (left) joining the main ice
stream feeding Jakobshavn Isbræ.

Late July is high summer in Greenland, but we are in the Arctic, and we will visit the Inland Ice. The mean temperature in July is 8.3 degree celcius, but it can be windy. Bring wind- and waterproof warm clothing, a woollen cap as well as light clothing for sunny days. Proper footgear is essential, such as boots and shoes with solid soles. 

Scheduled hiking is limited to a two to three hour hike to the icefjord in easy terrain near Ilulissat. During the helicopter flight there will be short (1-2 km) hikes around planned landing sights.