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Coordinated by Kai Sørensen, Dan Evans, Michael Kosinowski

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The following proposals have currently been accepted:

EUR-01 Three billion years of geological history of the Baltic Shield and its shelf  Tamara B. Bayanova, Victor V. Balagansky

EUR-02 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to HPP-05)

EUR-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to EUR-01)

EUR-04 Tectonic evolution of the lithosphere from European Precambrian Craton to Alpine system on the base of the deep geophysical data Aleksander Guterch, Marek Grad, G. Randy Keller

EUR-05 Pre-collisional evolution of the Caledonian-Appalachian orogen David Roberts, Øystein Nordgulen, Aaron Yoshinobu, Carol Frost, Calvin Barnes

EUR-06 Collisional orogeny in the Caledonian-Appalachian Orogen Peter Robinson, David Gee, Mark Steltenpohl, Arild Andresen

EUR-07 Comparison of the Uralides and Variscides Andres Perez-Estaun, Philippe Matte, Victor Pushkov, Galina Savelieva 

EUR-08 The North Atlantic Igneous Province stripped: Origin, magmatic activity, crustal processes and plate kinematics Morgan Ganerød, Sonia Rousse, Walter Roest

EUR-09 Geology of the Southern Permian Basin area Hans Doornenbal, Gerhard H. Bachmann, Tim Pharaoh, Tadeusz Peryt

EUR-10 The Baltic Sea Basin Jan Harff, Svante Björck, Peer Hoth (BSG)

EUR-11 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to STN-01)

EUR-12 Cenozoic volcanism in Europe Anna Ladenberger, Hilary Downes  Invited speakers: Marjorie Wilson, Michele Lustrino

EUR-13 Neogene of NW Europe: Palaeoclimate, tectonics and sedimentation Erik S. Rasmussen, Torsten Utescher, Dag Ottesen, Martyn Stoker, Jan Sverre Laberg  Invited speaker: Sierd Cloetingh, Erik Lundin

EUR-14 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to EUR-13)

EUR-15 Neogene of the Mediterranean: An "ocean laboratory" Gert J. De Lange, Patrizia Ziveri, John Woodside

EUR-16 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to CGC-05)

EUR-17 4-D topography evolution in Europe: Uplift, subsidence and sea level change (TOPO-EUROPE) Sierd Cloetingh, Jörg Negendank (ILP)

EUR-18 Palaeogeographic and palaeotectonic development of the Mediterranean and Middle East regions W. Cavazza, L. Jolivet, A. H. F. Robertson

EUR-19 (Cancelledl; abstracts transferred to EUR-07)