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Ultra-High Pressure Metamorphism and Deep Subduction              UH

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UHP-01 (Cancelled: abstracts transferred to UHP-02)

UHP-02 Collisional orogeny, ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism and crustal melting Yong-Fei Zheng, Kai Ye, Lifei Zhang

UHP-03 Ultra-high pressure metamorphism: Minerals, microstructures and nanoscale observations Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya, Harry Green, Herman van Roermund (ILP)

UHP-04 Ultra-high pressure metamorphism: Mineral reactions, geochemistry, thermobarometry and geochronology Simon Cuthbert, Alexey Perchuk, Hans-Peter Schertl (ILP)

UHP-05 General topics of geology, tectonics and petrology of collisional orogenic belts: Implication to UHP-HP metamorphic rocks Jingsui Yang, Shah Wali Faryad, Godar Gaston (ILP)

UHP-06 Numerical modeling of deep subduction and exhumation of UHPM fragments: Implication to Earth's interior Taras Gerya, Paul Tackley (ILP)

Ultra-High Pressure Metamorphism