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Mathematical Geology                   MA

Coordinators Richard Sinding-Larsen, Frits Agterberg

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MAG-01 (Cancelled; abstracts redistributed)

MAG-02 Mathematical and statistical modelling of physical and chemical processes in the Earth sciences Antonella Buccianti, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado (IAMG)

MAG-03 Uncertainty in spatial prediction modeling: From natural risk to resources Andrea Fabbri, Chang-Jo Chung

MAG-04 Scales, scaling, non-linearity and complexity in the geosciences Qiuming Cheng, Frits Agterberg (IAMG)

MAG-05 New frontiers of mathematical geology for resources exploration Katsuaki Koike, Zhao Pengda, Donald Singer, Ryoichi Kouda (ISME, IAMG)
Mathematical Geology