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Geohazards                      GH

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Coordinators Farrokh Nadim, Suzanne Lacasse, Mary Lou Zoback

GHZ-01 Geo-risk in the 21st century Peter T. Bobrowsky, David Applegate, John J. Clague, Suzanne Lacasse (GSC, IUGS, INQUA)

GHZ-02 Geohazards and risk studies under global environmental change
Olav Slaymaker, Christine Embleton-Hamann, Thomas Glade, Kalle Kronholm, Kari Sletten (IAG)

GHZ-03 Integrated studies of tsunamis and other geohazards in coastal regions
Lalit P. Chaudhari, Anand G. Bhole, Andrée Blais-Stevens, Marten Geertsema, Afia Akhtar

GHZ-04 Earthquake hazard assessment and geotechnics
Amir Kaynia, Michele Maugeri

GHZ-05 Remote sensing and GIS technologies for geohazard monitoring
Moutaz Dalati, Farouk El-Baz, Zaher Al Suleimani, Mikhail Mouty, David Stevens, Ahmed EL-Hassani, Fares Howari (AGA)

GHZ-06 Landslide risks in fluvial systems Nicola Casagli,
Margreth Keiler, Oliver Korup, Thomas Glade, Oddvar Kjekstad (ICL, IUGS, UNESCO, IYPE)

GHZ-07 Integrating geological hazard assessment into urban planning and management
Brian Marker, Philipp Schmidt-Thome, Mario A. Aurelio, Bhawani Shanker Paliwal (IUGS-GEM)

GHZ-08 Volcano flank instability: Causes, precursors and associated hazards
Derek Rust, Frederico Pasquare (ILP)

GHZ-09 (Cancelled; abstract redistributed)

GHZ-10 Mountain risks: From prediction to management and governance Theo Van Asch, Nicola Casagli, Jean-Philippe Malet, Giacomo Falorni

GHZ-11 Rock slope movements and early warning of catastrophic failure and related tsunamis Lars H. Blikra, Giovanni Crosta, Steve Evans, Reginald Hermanns, Alexander Strom

GHZ-12 Converting Geosciences knowledge into action for natural hazard reduction: Lessons from multidisciplinary research 
Roberto F. Page, Fernando Muñoz-Carmona

GHZ-13 Geohazards - a tribute to Kaare Høeg
Suzanne Lacasse