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Gas hydrates                    GA

GAH-01 Gas hydrates in oceanic and permafrost environments - importance for energy, climate and geohazards Jürgen Mienert, C. Paull, G. Westbrook, H. Haflidason

Our understanding of hydrate in natural environments and its potential as an important mechanism in the Earth climate change system and its impact on seafloor stability, including fluid escape, has become an exciting field of Earth science. Hydrates appear to occur in huge quantities in the seabed and in permafrost, and several governments have put forward programs to quantify and assess the methane in hydrate as a potential future energy. Despite these efforts we are still at the beginning in understanding the geological controls on hydrate and how they interact with natural changes of pressure and temperature to influence the hydrate reservoir and the shallow biosphere. Various areas in the ocean and on land have been identified as research targets, and it is the intention of this session to bring together the hydrate science community to present and discuss the state of methane hydrate research from sea-going marine research and ocean drilling, permafrost drilling to hydrate experimental studies.

GAH-03 Exploration and assessment of gas hydrates Kalachand Sain, Harsh Gupta, Richard Coffin

Gas hydrates are attracting global attention due to their widespread occurrences in the outer continental margins and permafrost regions, their potential as a future major energy resource and their role in environmental hazards. Therefore, exploration and assessment of gas hydrates are essential for estimating the resource potential and evaluating possible hazards. Gas hydrates can be detected using a suite of geophysical, geological, geochemical and microbial techniques, and quantified mostly by geophysical tools. The fast consumption of fossil fuel, stagnant production and the increasing price of oil have necessitated the search for alternative forms of energy, as economic growth depends heavily on energy security. Gas hydrates seem to be a viable source of future energy. Abstracts dealing with the characterization and resource assessment of gas hydrates are invited.

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