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Earth System Management                   EM

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Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Terje Thorsnes

EME-01 (Cancelled: abstracts redirected)

EME-02 Role of geoscience in governance for sustainable development and human security Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Chen Shick Pei, Lars Persson (IUGS-GEM)

EME-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MGH-01)

EME-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to AFR-04)

EME-05 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MRD-03)

EME-06 Geoscience in ocean management Terje Thorsnes, H. Gary Greene, Brian J. Todd (MAREANO)

EME-07 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to EME-02)

EME-08 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to EME-02)

EME-09 Risks, Resources, and Record of the Past on the Continental Shelf Francesco L. Chiocci, Lindsay Collins, Michel  Michaelovitch de Mahiques, Renée Hetherington (IGCP 526)

Earth System Management