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Sedimentology                      SE

Sedimentology                      SE

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SES-01 General contributions to sedimentology Knut Bjørlykke, Ron Steel, William Helland-Hansen

SES-02 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to SES-08) 

SES-03 Intra-basaltic sediments and weathering horizons as monitors of climate change Mike Widdowson, Mohammed Rafi G. Sayyed  Invited speaker: Arie Singer

SES-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to SES-08)

SES-05 Dynamics of complex intracontinental basins Ralf Littke, Ulf Bayer, Dirk Gajewski

SES-06 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to SES-08)

SES-07 Dynamics of sedimentary basins Susanne Buiter, David Egholm  Invited speaker: Philip Allen 

SES-08 New insights into basin analysis: Palaeoenvironments, geochemistry and depositional processes Bettina Reichenbacher, Philip Ringrose