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Mineralogy, Petrology, Isotope Geology, Volcanology                   MP

Mineralogy                     MPM

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MPM-01 General contributions to mineralogy Kari Kojonen, Chris Stanley (IMA)  Invited speakers: David J. Vaughan, Katsuo Tsukamoto

MPM-02 Frontiers in quartz research: The genesis, crystal chemistry and economic importance of igneous, metamorphic and hydrothermal SiO2-polymorphs Peter M. Ihlen, Rune B. Larsen, Axel Müller  Invited speakers: Trond Brenden-Veisal, Jens Götze, Alfons van den Kerkhof, Brian Rusk, Marion Stevens-Kalceff

MPM-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPM-01)

MPM-04 Platinum-group mineralogy Andy McDonald, Kari Kojonen (COM)  Invited speakers: Louis J. Cabri, Kreshimir Malitch

MPM-05 (Cancelled; no abstracts)

MPM-06 Melts and glasses in mineralogy and petrology Daniel Neuville et al. (IMA-CMP)

MPM-07 Mineral spectroscopy Georg Amthauer et al. (IMA-CMP)

MPM-08 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPM-12)

MPM-09 see EID-02

MPM-10 Fluids and melts in the Earth's mantle: From natural observation to HT-HP experiment Leonid L. Perchuk, Oleg G. Safonov (IMA-WGME)

MPM-11 Phase transformations and geodynamics Taras V.Gerya, Leonid L.Perchuk (IMA-WGME)

MPM-12 New developments in microbeam techniques Jan Kosler, John Hanchar, Martin Whitehouse

MPM-13 Inclusions in minerals Sergey Smirnov, Pei Ni, Matti Poutiainen (IMA-WGIM)

Igneous Petrology                    MPI

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MPI-01 General contributions to igneous petrology Brian Robins, Marjorie Wilson

MPI-02 Integrated perspectives on the accretion of oceanic crust Yildirim Dilek, Jeffrey A. Karson

MPI-03 Granite classification - a never-ending problem Bernard Bonin, Tapani Rämö, Tom Andersen (IUGS
Subcommission of Systematics on Igneous Rocks (SSIR) and UNESCO - IGCP 510)

MPI-04 Mafic dyke swarms: A global perspective Rajesh K. Srivastava, Wouter Bleeker, Richard Ernst

MPI-05 Large Igneous Provinces: Initiation, evolution and origin Lothar Viereck-Goette, Sverre Planke

MPI-06 Layered intrusions and the evolution of magma chambers - a tribute to J. Richard Wilson Christian Tegner, Bernard Charlier, Brian Robins

MPI-07 Alkaline and carbonatite magmatism and related ore deposits Lia Kogarko, Tom Andersen, Kathryn Moore

Metamorphic Petrology                  MPN

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MPN-01 General contributions to metamorphic petrology William Carlson, Simon L. Harley

MPN-02 Metamorphism and metamorphic processes Simon L. Harley, Leif Johansson, Håkon Austrheim, Erling Krogh

MPN-03 Mineral replacement and mass transfer in hydrothermal systems: From the nanoscale to the megascale Andrew Putnis, Ane K. Engvik

MPN-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPC-02)

MPN-05 Earthquakes, fluids and metamorphism Torgeir B. Andersen, Timm John

MPN-06 Extreme metamorphism during the amalgamation of Gondwana: Tectonics, rates and models Chris Clark, Alan Collins, Renato Moraes, M. Santosh

MPN-07 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPN-12)

MPN-08 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPN-12)

MPN-09 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPN-12)

MPN-10 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPN-12)

MPN-11 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPN-12)

MPN-12 Sederholm symposium on high-grade metamorphism, crustal melting, migmatites and granites Mike Brown, Olav Eklund, Peter Sorjonen-Ward

Geochronology and Isotope Geology                    MPC

For summaries of the Geochronology and Isotope Geology symposia click here

MPC-01 General contributions to geochronology and isotope geology Åke Johansson et al.

MPC-02 Geochronology of metamorphic reactions and deformation in high-grade orogenic settings Jenny Andersson, Bernard Bingen, Ulf Söderlund, David Cornell  Invited speakers: Daniela Rubatto, Johannes Glodny

MPC-03 Precambrian isotope chemostratigraphy Alcides Nobrega Sial, Claudio Gaucher, Valderez Pinto Ferreira  Invited speaker: Alan Jay Kaufman

MPC-04 Constraining timing and rates of surface processes by low temperature thermochronology Bart W.H. Hendriks, Tim F. Redfield

MPC-05 Evolution of the crust and oceans through Re-Os geochemistry: A decade of discovery Holly Stein, Judith Hannah

Experimental Petrology and Mineralogy                     MPE

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MPE-01 Contributions to experimental petrology and mineralogy - a tribute to Surendra Saxena Peter Lazor, Guoyin Shen

MPE-02 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPE-01)

MPE-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to EID-10)

MPE-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to PIP-04)

Volcanology                          MPV

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MPV-01 General contributions to volcanology Valentin Troll, Thorvaldur Thordarson

MPV-02 (Cancelled; abstracts redistributed)

MPV-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPV-01)

MPV-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to MPV-01)

MPV-05 Volcanic eruptions: Chamber-, conduit-, and depositional processes and their implication for monitoring and hazard assessment Valentin Troll, Jane Chadwick

MPV-06 The construction/destruction of magmatic and volcanic systems: New insights into magma-tectonic and volcano-tectonic processes in the Earth’s crust Olivier Galland, Eoghan Holohan

Mineralogy, Petrology, Isotope geology, Volcanology