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 Geo-Energy                      GE

Geothermal Energy                     GET

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GET-01 General contributions to geothermal energy
Ingvar Birgir Friðleifsson, Eduardo R. Iglesias, Anette K. Mortensen

GET-02 Nature of geothermal systems based on geophysical, geochemical, petrological and tectonic studies
Agnes G. Reyes, Giovanni Gianelli  Invited speaker: Julie V. Rowland

GET-03 Water-rock interaction
Halldór Ármannsson, Hélène Pauwels

GET-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GET-01)

GET-05 Geothermal utilization - direct use, electrical production, heat pumps, industry and leisure John W. Lund, Leif Bjelm, Gordon Bloomquist

GET-06 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to

GET-07 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GET-03)

Coal Geoscience                 GEC

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GEC-01 Contributions to coal geoscience
Alv Orheim, Robert B. Finkelman, Malte Jochmann

GEC-02 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEC-01)

GEC-03 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEC-01)

GEC-04 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEC-01)

Petroleum Geoscience             GEP

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GEP-01 General contributions to petroleum geoscience
Anthony Spencer, Philip Allen, Snorre Olaussen

GEP-02 Maximising the value of fossil energy and mineral resources UN Economic Commission for Europe
Per Blystad

GEP-03 Geological basis for estimating the world's petroleum resources: Challenges and uncertainties
Paul Nadeau, Donald L. Gautier

GEP-04 Hydrocarbon resource assessment methodology in a complex architectural context
Richard Sinding-Larsen, Karl Johann Skaar

GEP-05 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEP-06)

GEP-06 North Sea: Chalk reservoirs and petroleum geoscience
Gunnar V. Søiland, Peter Frykman, Sigrid Borthen Toven, Andrew Hurst, Ragnar Knarud

GEP-07 Petroleum geoscience on the frontier to mature basins of the Atlantic margins from Norway to Ireland - a tribute to Peter Ziegler
Kari Lokna, Dave Ellis, Mark Seger

GEP-08 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEP-09)

GEP-09 Linking petroleum systems and plays to sedimentary basin evolution
Harry Doust, Maarten Corver, Morten Rye-Larsen, David Roberts, A.G. Doré

GEP-10 Global controls on sequence stratigraphy
Peter Sharland, Ken Miller

GEP-11 Palaeogeography and palaeo-Earth systems modelling: New approaches to reducing exploration risk
Jim Harris, Les Leith, Arne Rasmussen

GEP-12 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEP-09 and GEP-11)

GEP-13 Abiotic deep origin of hydrocarbons: Myth or reality?
Yuri Galant, Vladimir Kutcherov

GEP-14 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEP-13)

GEP-15 (poster session only) Geology for efficient hydrocarbon recovery Ragnar Knarud, Marie Kjølleberg

GEP-16 Improved understanding of the clastic reservoirs through the use of new technologies
Sissel H. Eriksen, Trond Lien

GEP-17 Unconventional gas - coalbed, shale, and tight gas-sands gases
Romeo Flores, Rich Pollastro  Invited speaker: David Mathew

GEP-18 Compaction processes - porosity, permeability and rock properties evolution in sedimentary basins: A tribute to Knut Bjørlykke Per Aagaard, Jen Jahren, Paul H. Nadeau, Per Arne Bjørkum

GEP-19 Carbonate reservoirs and plays
Tore Amund Svånå, Joanna Garland

GEP-20 Outcrop studies: Fundamental to petroleum reservoir characterization and modeling
Ernest A. Mancini, Jim Blankenship (AAPG)

GEP-21 (Cancelled; abstracts transferred to GEP-06 and GEP-16)

GEP-22 (Cancelled; no abstracts)

GEP-23 (Cancelled; abstacts transferred to GEP-17)